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of foes, Duryodhana, also became highly enraged with Partha.  Beholding both Duryodhana and Dhananjaya enraged with each other, all the Kshatriyas, of fierce forms, began to look at them from all sides.  Seeing Partha and Vasudeva both filled with rage, thy son, O sire, desirous of battle, smilingly challenged them, then he of Dasarha’s race became filled with joy, and Dhananjaya also, the son of Pandu, became cheerful.  Uttering loud roars, they both blew their foremost of conchs.  Seeing them thus cheerful, all the Kauravas became hopeless of thy son’s life.  Indeed, all the Kauravas, and many even amongst the enemy, became possessed with grief, and regarded thy son as a libation already poured into the mouth of the (sacred) fire.  Thy warriors, seeing Krishna and the Pandava so cheerful I loudly exclaimed, afflicted with fear, ‘The king is slain.’  ‘The king is slain.’  Hearing that loud uproar of the warriors, Duryodhana said, ’Let your fears be dispelled.  I will despatch the two Krishnas unto the region of death.’  Having told all his warriors these words, king Duryodhana. then, expectant of success, addressed Partha angrily and said these words:  ’If, O Partha, thou art begotten by Pandu apply upon me, without loss of time, all the weapons, celestial and earthly, that Kesava also hath of either, upon me.  I wish to see thy manliness.  They speak of many feats achieved by thee out of our view.  Show me those feats that have won the applause of many endued with great heroism!’”


“Sanjaya said, ’Saying these words, king Duryodhana pierced Arjuna with three shafts of great impetuosity and capable of penetrating into the very vitals.  And with four others he pierced the four steeds of his foe.  And he pierced Vasudeva in the centre of the chest with ten shafts, and cutting off, with a broad-headed arrow, the whip in the latter’s hands, he felled it on the ground.  Then Partha, coolly and without losing a moment, shot at him four and ten shafts whetted on stone and equipped with beautiful feathers.  All those shafts, however, were repelled by Duryodhana’s armour.  Beholding their fruitlessness, Partha once more sped at him nine and five arrows of keen points.  But these too were repelled by Duryodhana’s armour.  Seeing eight and twenty arrows of his become abortive, that slayer of hostile heroes, viz., Krishna said unto Arjuna, these words:  ’I see a sight never before witnessed by me, like the movements of the hills.  Shafts sped by thee, O Partha, are becoming abortive.  O bull of Bharata’s race, hath thy Gandiva decayed in power?  Have the might of thy grasp and the power of thy arms become less than what they were.  Is not this to be thy last meeting with Duryodhana?  Tell me, O Partha, for I ask thee.  Great hath been my amazement, O Partha, upon seeing all these shafts of thine fall towards Duryodhana’s car, without producing the slightest effect.  Alas, what misfortune is this that these terrible shafts of thine that are endued with the might of the thunder and that always pierce the bodies of foes, fail in producing any effect.’

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