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water for drink, but not for a bath.’  Thus addressed by Vasudeva, Arjuna cheerfully said, ‘Here it is!’ And so saying, he pierced the earth with a weapon and made an excellent lake from which the steeds could drink.  And that lake abounded in swans and ducks, and was adorned with Chakravakas.  And it was wide and full of transparent water, and abounded in full-blown lotuses of the finest species.  And it teemed with diverse kinds of fish.  And fathomless in depth, it was the resort of many a Rishi.  And the celestial Rishi, Narada, came to have a look at that lake created there in a moment.  And Partha, capable of achieving wonderful works like (the celestial artificer) Tvashtri himself, also constructed there an arrowy hall, having arrows for its beams and rafters, arrows for its pillars, and arrows for its roof.  Then Govinda smiling in joy, said, ’Excellent, Excellent,’ upon seeing the high-souled Partha create that arrowy hall.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’After the high-souled son of Kunti had created that water, after he had commenced to hold in cheek the hostile army, and after he had built also that arrowy hall, Vasudeva of great splendour, alighting from the car, unyoked the steeds pierced and mangled with arrows.  Beholding that sight never seen before, loud uproars of applause were heard there, uttered by the Siddhas and the Charanas and by all the warriors.  Mighty car-warriors (assembled together) were unable to resist the son of Kunti, even when he fought on foot.  All this seemed highly wonderful.  Although throngs upon throngs of cars, and myriads of elephants and steeds, rushed towards him, yet Partha felt no fear but fought on, prevailing upon all his foes.  And the (hostile) kings shot showers of shafts at the son of Pandu.  That slayer of hostile heroes, however, viz., the son of Vasava, of virtuous soul, felt no anxiety whatever.  Indeed, the valiant Partha received hundreds of arrowy showers and maces and lances coming towards him as the ocean receives hundreds upon hundreds of rivers flowing towards it.  With the impetuous might of his own weapons and strength of his arms, Partha received the foremost of shafts shot at him by those foremost of kings.  Although staying on the ground, and alone, he succeeded yet in baffling all those kings on their cars, like that one fault, avarice, destroying a host of accomplishments.  The Kauravas, O king, applauded the highly wonderful prowess of Partha as also of Vasudeva, saying, ’What more wonderful incident hath ever taken place in this world, or will ever take place than this, viz., that Partha and Govinda, in course of battle, have unyoked their steeds?  Displaying fierce energy on the field of battle and the greatest assurance, those best of men have inspired us with great thoughts.’  Then Hrishikesa, of eyes like lotus-petals, smiling with the coolest assurance, as if, O Bharata, he was in the midst of an assembly of women (and not armed

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