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O sire, rescued Dhrishtadyumna, who had been seized by that lion among men, the foremost of preceptors, like a deer seized by the king of the forests.  Even thus did that bull amongst the Sinis, the prince of the Panchalas.  Beholding Satyaki to rescue the prince of the Panchalas in the dreadful battle, Drona quickly shot at him six and twenty arrows.  The grandson of Sini then, in return, pierced Drona in the centre of the chest with six and twenty arrows, while the latter was engaged in devouring the Srinjayas.  Then all the Panchala car-warriors, desirous of victory upon the Satwata hero, proceeding against Drona, quickly withdrew Dhrishtadyumna from the battle.’”


“Dhritarashtra said, ’After that shafts of Drona had been cut off and Dhrishtadyumna thus rescued, O Sanjaya, by Yuyudhana, that foremost one of the Vrishni race, what did that great bowman, that foremost of all wielders of weapons, viz., Drona, do in battle unto that tiger among men, viz., the grandson of Sini?’

“Sanjaya said, ’Then Drona, like a mighty snake, having wrath for his poison, his stretched bow for his wide-open mouth, his sharp shafts for his teeth and whetted arrows for his fangs, with eyes red as copper from rage, and breathing hard, that mighty hero among men, perfectly fearless, borne on his red steeds of great speed, that seemed to soar into the skies or get at the top of a mountain, rushed towards Yuyudhana, scattering his arrows equipped with golden wings.  Then that subjugator of hostile cities, that hero of Sini’s race invincible in battle, beholding that irresistible Drona cloud having showers of arrows for its watery downpour, the rattle of car-wheels for its roar, the out-stretched bow for its volume, long shafts for its lightning-flashes, darts and swords for its thunder, wrath for the winds and urged on by those steeds that constituted the hurricane (impelling it forwards), rushed towards him, addressed his charioteer and smilingly said, O Suta, proceed quickly and cheerfully, urging the steeds to their greatest speed, against that heroic Brahmana, fallen off from the duties of his order, that refuge of Dhritarashtra’s son, that dispeller of the (Kuru) king’s sorrows and fear, that preceptor of all the princes, that warrior ever boastful of his prowess.’  Then the excellent steeds of silvery hue belonging to him of Madhu’s race, endued with the speed of the wind, quickly proceeded towards Drona.  Then those two chastisers of foes, viz., Drona and Sini’s grandson, fought with each other, each striking the other with thousands of shafts.  Those two bulls among men filled the welkin with their arrowy showers.  Indeed, the two heroes covered the ten points of the compass with their shafts.  And they poured on each other their shafts like two clouds pouring their contents (on the earth) on the expiration of summer.  The sun became invisible.  The very wind ceased to blow. 

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