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they had come.  And that lord of the celestials, the divine Maghavan too having ascended his glorious chariot, said, ’O Phalguna, thou shalt have to repair unto the celestial region.  O Dhananjaya, even before this thy arrival I knew that thou wouldst come hither.  Then I, have O best of the Bharatas, manifested myself unto thee.  As formerly thou hadst performed thy ablution in the various tirthas and now hast performed severe austerities, so thou wilt be able to repair unto the celestial regions, O Pandava.  Thou wilt, however, again have to practise extreme penance, for thou shouldst at any rate journey to heaven.  And at my command, Matali shall take thee to the celestial regions.  Thou hast already been recognised by the celestials and the celestial sages of high soul.’  Thereupon I said unto Sakra, ’O divine one, be thou favourable unto me.  With the view of learning arms do I beseech thee that thou mayst ‘be my preceptor.’  At this Indra said, ’O child, having learnt weapons thou wouldst perform terrible deeds and with this object thou desirest to obtain the weapons.  However, obtain thou the arms, as thou desirest.’  Then I said, ’O slayer of foes, I never would discharge these celestial weapons at mortals except when all my other arms should have been baffled.  Do thou, O lord of the celestials, grant me the celestial weapons (so that) I may hereafter, obtain the regions attainable by warriors.’  Indra said, ’O Dhananjaya it is to try thee that I have said such words unto thee.  Having been begotten of me this speech of thine well becometh thee.  Do thou, O Bharata, repairing unto my abode learn all the weapons of Vayu, of Agni, of the Vasus, of Varuna, of the Marutas, of the Siddhas, of Brahma, of the Gandharvas of the Uragas, of the Rakshasas, of Vishnu and of the Nairitas; and also all the weapons that are with me, O perpetuator of the Kuru race.’  Having said this unto me Sakra vanished at the very spot.  Then, O king, I saw the wonderful and sacred celestial car yoked with steeds arrive conducted by Matali.  And when the Lokapalas went away Matali said unto me.  ’O thou of mighty splendour, the lord of the celestials is desirous of seeing thee.  And O mighty-armed one, do thou acquire competence and then perform thy task.  Come and behold the regions, attainable by merit and come unto heaven even in this frame.  O Bharata, the thousand-eyed lord of the celestials wisheth to see thee.’  Thus addressed by Matali, I, taking leave of the mountain Himalaya and having gone round it ascended that excellent car.  And then the exceedingly generous Matali, versed in equine lore, drove the steeds, gifted with the speed of thought or the wind.  And when the chariot began to move that charioteer looking at my face as I was seated steadily, wondered and said these words, ’Today this appeareth unto me strange and unprecedented that being seated in this celestial car, thou hast not been jerked ever so little.  O foremost of Bharata race, I have ever remarked that at the first pull by the steeds even the lord of the celestials himself getteth jerked.  But all the while that the car had moved, thou hast been sitting unshaken.  This appeareth unto me as transcending even the power of Sakra.’

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