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that eternal weapon, he also said unto me, This must never be hurled at mortals.  If discharged at any person of small energy, it would consume the universe.  Shouldst thou (at any time) be hard pressed, thou mayst discharge it.  And when all thy weapons have been completely baffled, thou mayst hurl it.’  Then when he having the bull for his mark, had been thus gratified, there stood manifest by my side that celestial weapon, of resistless force capable of baffling all weapons and destructive of foes and the hewer of hostile forces and unrivalled and difficult to be borne even by the celestials, the demons and the Rakshasas.  Then at the command of that god, I sat me down there.  And in my very sight the god vanished from the spot.’”


“Arjuna said, ’O Bharata, by the grace of that god of gods the Supreme Soul, Tryamvaka, I passed the night at that place.  And having passed the night, when I had finished the morning rituals, I saw that foremost of the Brahmanas whom I had seen before.  And unto him I told all as it had happened, O Bharata, namely, that I had met the divine Mahadeva.  Thereupon, O king of kings, well-pleased, he said unto me, ’Since thou hast beheld the great god, incapable of being beheld by any one else, soon wilt thou mix with Vaivaswata and the other Lokapalas and the lord of the celestials; and Indra too will grant thee weapons.’  O king, having said this unto me and having embraced me again and again, that Bhrahmana resembling the Sun, went away whither he listed.  And, O slayer of foes, it came to pass that on the evening of that day refreshing the whole world, there began to blow a pure breeze.  And in my vicinity on the base of the Himalaya mountain fresh, fragrant and fair flowers began to bloom.  And on all sides there were heard charming symphony and captivating hymns relating to Indra.  And before the lord of the celestial hosts of Apsaras and Gandharvas chanted various songs.  And ascending celestial cars, there approached the Marutas and the followers of Mahendra and the dwellers of heaven.  And afterwards, Marutvan together with Sachi and all the celestials appeared on the scene in cars yoked with horses elegantly adorned.  And at this very moment, O king, he that goeth about on the shoulders of men manifested himself unto me in excellent grace.  And I saw Yama seated on the south and Varuna and the lord of the celestials at their respective regions.  And, O foremost of men, O mighty monarch, they after having cheered me said, ’O Savyasachin, behold us—­the Lokapalas—­seated.  For the performance of the task of the gods thou hast obtained the sight of Sankara.  Do thou now receive weapons from us seated around.’  Thereupon, O lord, having bowed down unto those foremost of the celestials with regard, I duly accepted those mighty weapons.  And then they recognised me as one of their own.  Afterwards the gods repaired to the quarter from whence

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