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hosts of Gandharvas and Apsaras began to follow that represser of foes, the lord of the celestials.  And ascending a car yoked with steeds, decorated with burnished gold, and roaring like clouds, that king of the celestials, Purandara blazing in beauty came unto the Parthas.  And having arrived (at that place), he of a thousand eyes descended from his car.  And as soon as Yudhishthira the just saw that high-souled one, he together with his brothers, approached that graceful king of the immortals.  And in accordance with the ordinance that generous one duly worshipped him of immeasurable soul, in consequence with his dignity.  And then Dhananjaya possessed of prowess, having bowed down unto Purandara, stood before the lord of the celestials in humble guise, like unto a servant.  And seeing the sinless Dhananjaya having ascetic merit, bearing clotted hair, stand in humility before the lord of celestials, Yudhishthira, the son of Kunti; of great energy, smelt (the crown) of his head.  And beholding Phalguna (in that attitude), he was exceedingly glad; and by worshipping the king of the celestials, he experienced the highest bliss.  Then unto that strongminded monarch, swimming in felicity, the intelligent lord of the celestials, Purandara, spake, saying, Thou shalt rule the earth, O Pandava, Blessed be thou!  Do thou, O Kunti’s son, again repair unto Kamyaka.’"That learned man who for a year leading the Brahmacharya mode of life, subduing his senses and observing vows, peruseth with rapt attention this meeting of Sakra with the Pandavas, liveth a hundred years free from disturbances, and enjoying happiness."’


Vaisampayana continued, “When Sakra had gone to his proper place, Vibhatsu together with his brothers and Krishna, paid homage unto the son of Dharma.  Then smelling the crown of the head of that Pandava, who was thus paying homage, (Yudhishthira) in accents faltering on account of you, addressed Arjuna, saying ’O Arjuna, how didst thou pass this period in heaven?  And how has thou obtained the weapons, and how also hast thou gratified the lord of the celestials?  And, O Pandava, has thou adequately secured the weapons?  Have the lord of the celestials and Rudra gladly granted thee the weapons?  And how hast thou beheld the divine Sakra, and the wielder of Pinaka?  And how has thou obtained the weapons?  And in what manner didst thou worship (them)?  And what service hadst thou done unto that repressor of foes, the worshipful one of a hundred sacrifices, that he said unto thee, ’By thee have I been gratified?  All this, O highly effulgent one, I wish to hear in detail.  And, O sinless one, the manner in which thou didst please Mahadeva and the king of the celestials and, O repressor of foes, the service thou hadst done to the wielder of the thunder-bolt,—­do thou, O Dhananjaya, relate all this in detail.”

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