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And in the world, none ever say that Partha hath uttered an untruth.  And, O Bharata, honoured by the gods, pitris, and the Gandharvas, that enhancer of the glory of the Kurus is learning the science of weapons in Sakra’s abode.  And, O Partha, in heaven he that with justice had brought under his subjection all the rulers of the earth, even that exceedingly powerful and highly energetic monarch, the grandsire of thy father, Santanu himself, is well-pleased with the behaviour of that wielder of the Gandiva—­the foremost of his race.  And, O king, abiding in Indra’s regions, he who on the banks of the Yamuna had worshipped the gods, the pitris, and the Brahmanas, by celebrating seven grand horse sacrifices, that great grandsire of thine, the emperor Santanu of severe austerities, who hath attained heaven, hath enquired of thy welfare.’”

Vaisampayana said, “Having heard these words of the dispenser of wealth, the Pandavas were well-pleased with them.  Then lowering his club and mace and sword and bow, that foremost of the Bharatas bowed down unto Kuvera.  And that giver of protection, the lord of treasures, seeing him prostrate, said, ’Be thou the destroyer of the pride of foes, and the enhancer of the delight of friends.  And ye oppressors of enemies, do ye live in our romantic region.  The Yakshas will not cross your desires.  Gudakesa, after having acquired mastery over weapons, will come back soon.  Bidden adieu by Maghavat himself, Dhananjaya will join you.’

“Having thus instructed Yudhishthira of excellent deeds, the lord of the Guhyakas, vanished from that best of mountains.  And thousands upon thousands of Yakshas, and Rakshasas followed him in vehicles spread over with checkered cushions, and decorated with various jewels.  And as the horses proceeded towards the abode of Kuvera, a noise arose as of birds flying in the air.  And the chargers of the lord of treasures speedily coursed through the sky as if drawing forward the firmament, and devouring the air.

“Then at the command of the lord of wealth, the dead bodies of the Rakshasas were removed from the summit of the mountain.  As the intelligent Agastya had fixed this period as the limit of (the duration of) his curse, so being slain in conflict, the Rakshasas were freed from the imprecation.  And being honoured by the Rakshasas, the Pandavas for several nights dwelt pleasantly in those habitations.”


Vaisampayana continued, “Then, O represser of foes, at sunrise, having finished his daily devotions, Dhaumya came unto the Pandavas, with Arshtishena.  And having bowed down unto the feet of Arshtishena and Dhaumya, they with joined hands paid homage unto all the Brahmanas.  Then Dhaumya taking Yudhishthira’s right hand, said these words, looking at the east, ’O mighty monarch, this king of mountains, Mandara lieth vast, covering the earth up to the ocean.  O Pandava, Indra and Vaisravana preside over this

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