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Still the mighty Bhima could not raise the tail with both his arms.  And his eye-brows were contracted up, and his eyes rolled, and his face was contracted into wrinkles and his body was covered with sweat; and yet he could not raise it.  And when after having striven, the illustrious Bhima failed in raising the tail, he approached the side of the monkey, and stood with a bashful countenance.  And bowing down, Kunti’s son, with joined hands, spake these words, ’Relent thou, O foremost of monkeys; and forgive me for my harsh words.  Art thou a Siddha, or a god, or a Gandharva, or a Guhyaka?  I ask thee out of curiosity.  Tell me who thou art that hast assumed the shape of monkey, if it be not a secret, O long-armed one, and if I can well hear it.  I ask thee as a disciple, and I, O sinless one, seek thy refuge.’  Thereupon Hanuman said, ’O represser of foes, even to the extent of thy curiosity to know me, shall I relate all at length.  Listen, O son of Pandu!  O lotus-eyed one, I was begotten by the wind-god that life of the world—­upon the wife of Kesari.  I am a monkey, by name Hanuman.  All the mighty monkey-kings, and monkey-chiefs used to wait upon that son of the sun, Sugriva, and that son of Sakra, Vali.  And, O represser of foes, a friendship subsisted between me and Sugriva, even as between the wind and fire.  And for some cause, Sugriva, driven out by his brother, for a long time dwelt with me at the Hrisyamukh.  And it came to pass that the mighty son of Dasaratha the heroic Rama, who is Vishnu’s self in the shape of a human being, took his birth in this world.  And in company with his queen and brother, taking his bow, that foremost of bowmen with the view of compassing his father’s welfare, began to reside in the Dandaka forest.  And from Janasthana, that mighty Rakshasa monarch, the wicked Ravana, carried away his (Rama’s) queen by stratagem and force, deceiving, O sinless one, that foremost of men, through the agency of a Rakshasa, Maricha, who assumed the form of a deer marked with gem-like and golden spots.”


Hanuman said, ’And after his wife was carried away, that descendant of Raghu, while searching with his brother for his queen, met, on the summit of that mountain, with Sugriva, chief of the monkeys.  Then a friendship was contracted between him and the high-souled Raghava.  And the latter, having slain Vali installed Sugriva in the kingdom.  And having obtained the kingdom, Sugriva sent forth monkeys by hundreds and by thousands in search of Sita.  And, O best of men, I too with innumerable monkeys set out towards the south in quest of Sita, O mighty-armed one.  Then a mighty vulture Sampati by name, communicated the tidings that Sita was in the abode of Ravana.  Thereupon with the object of securing success unto Rama, I all of a sudden bounded over the main, extending for a hundred yojanas.  And, O chief of the Bharatas, having by my own prowess crossed the ocean, that abode

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