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Vaisampayana said, “O represser of foes, hearing these words of the intelligent monkey-chief, the heroic Bhima answered, ’Who art thou?  And why also hast thou assumed the shape of a monkey?  It is a Kshatriya—­one of a race next to the Brahmanas—­that asketh thee.  And he belongeth to the Kuru race and the lunar stock, and was borne by Kunti in her womb, and is one of the sons of Pandu, and is the off spring of the wind-god, and is known by the name of Bhimasena.’  Hearing these words of the Kuru hero, Hanuman smiled, and that son of the wind-god (Hanuman) spake unto that offspring of the wind-god (Bhimasena), saying, ’I am a monkey, I will not allow thee the passage thou desirest.  Better desist and go back.  Do thou not meet with destruction.’  At this Bhimasena replied.  ’Destruction at anything else do I not ask thee about, O monkey.  Do thou give me passage.  Arise!  Do not come by grief at my hands.’  Hanuman said, ’I have no strength to rise; I am suffering from illness.  If go thou must, do thou go by overleaping me.’  Bhima said, ’The Supreme Soul void of the properties pervadeth a body all over.  Him knowable alone by knowledge, I cannot disregard.  And therefore, will I not overleap thee.  If I had not known Him from Whom become manifest all creatures, I would have leapt over thee and also the mountain, even as Hanuman had bounded over the ocean.’  Thereupon Hanuman said, ’Who is that Hanuman, who had bounded over the ocean?  I ask thee, O best of men.  Relate if thou canst.’  Bhima replied, “He is even my brother, excellent with every perfection, and endued with intelligence and strength both of mind and body.  And he is the illustrious chief of monkeys, renowned in the Ramayana.  And for Rama’s queen, that king of the monkeys even with one leap crossed the ocean extending over a hundred yojanas.  That mighty one is my brother.  I am equal unto him in energy, strength and prowess and also in fight.  And able am I to punish thee.  So arise.  Either give me passage or witness my prowess to-day.  If thou do not listen to my bidding, I shall send thee to the abode of Yama.”

Vaisampayana continued.  “Then knowing him (Bhima) to be intoxicated with strength, and proud of the might of his arms, Hanuman, slighting him at heart, said the following words, ’Relent thou, O sinless one.  In consequence of age, I have no strength to get up.  From pity for me, do thou go, moving aside my tail.’  Being thus addressed by Hanuman, Bhima proud of the strength of his arms, took him for one wanting in energy and prowess, and thought within himself, ’Taking fast hold of the tail, will I send this monkey destitute of energy and prowess, to the region of Yama.’  Thereat, with a smile he slightingly took hold of the tail with his left hand; but could not move that tail of the mighty monkey.  Then with both arms he pulled it, resembling the pole reared in honour of Indra. 

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