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fangs were extended to the distance of ten yojanas, and were of a form resembling towers on a palace, and which might be likened to the ends of spears.  And his two arms were like unto hills, and extended ten thousand yojanas, and both were of equal bulk.  And his two eyes resembled the sun and the moon; and his face rivalled the conflagration at the universal dissolution.  And he was licking his mouth with his tongue, which, like lightning, knew no rest.  And his mouth was open, and his glance was frightful, and seemed as if he would forcibly swallow up the world.  The demon rushed at the celestial by whom a hundred sacrifices had been performed.  And his intent was to devour that deity.  And the world resounded with the loud and frightful sounds uttered by the Asura.”


“Lomasa said, ’When the god who had performed a hundred sacrifices (Indra) beheld the demon Mada of a frightful mien, coming towards him with open mouth, his intention being to devour him, and looking like the god of death himself, while his own arms remained paralysed, he through fear repeatedly licked the corners of his mouth.  Then the lord of the celestials, tortured with fright, spake to Chyavana saying, ’O Bhrigu’s son!  O Brahmana! verily I tell thee as truth itself, that from this day forward the two Aswins will be entitled to the Soma juice.  Be merciful to me!  My undertaking can never come to naught.  Let this be the rule.  And I know, O saint of the sacerdotal caste! that thy work can never come to nothing.  These two Aswins will have a right to drink the Soma juice, since thou hast made them entitled to the same.  And, O Bhrigu’s son, I have done this but to spread the fame of thy powers, and my object was to give thee an occasion for displaying thy powers.  My other object was that the fame of the father of this Sukanya here might spread everywhere.  Therefore be merciful to me:  let it be as thou wishest.’  Being thus addressed by Indra, the wrath of Chyavana of mighty soul was quickly appeased, and he set free the demolisher of hostile cities (Indra).  And the powerful saint, O king! distributed Mada (literally intoxication), and put it piece-meal in drinks, in women, in gambling, and in field sports, even this same Mada who had been created repeatedly before.  Having thus cast down the demon Mada and gratified Indra with a Soma draught and assisted king Saryati in worshipping all the gods together with the two Aswins and also spread his fame for power over all the worlds, the best of those endued with speech passed his days happily in the wood, in the company of Sukanya, his loving wife.  This is his lake, shining, O king! and resounding with the voice of birds.  Here must thou, together with thy uterine brothers, offer libations of water to thy forefathers and the gods.  And, O ruler of earth!  O scion of Bharata’s race! having visited it and Sikataksha also, thou shalt repair to the Saindhava wood, and behold a number

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