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at Kasyapa’s bidding the Brahamanas divided the altar into a number of shares, and thus they became reputed as the Khandavayamas (share takers).  And the exterminator of the military race possessed of immense strength, bestowed the earth upon the high-souled Kasyapa, and then became engaged in penance of an exceedingly severe form.  He now dwells in this Mahendra, monarch of hills.  Thus did hostilities arise between him and the members of the military caste,—­all of them who dwell on this earth; and Rama, endowed with immense strength, in this way subdued the entire world.’

“Vaisampayana said, ’Then on the fourteenth day of the moon, the mighty-souled Rama at the proper hour showed himself to those members of the priestly caste and also to the virtuous king (Yudhishthira) and his younger brothers.  And, O king of kings, the lord together with his brothers, worshipped Rama, and, O most righteous of the rulers of men, the very highest honours were paid by him to all those members of the twice-born class.  And after worshipping Jamadagni’s son and having received words of praise from him, at his direction he spent the night on the Mahendra hill, and then started on his journey towards the southern regions.’”


Vaisampayana said, “The magnanimous monarch pursued his journey, and at different spots on the shore of the sea visited the various bathing places, all sacred and pleasant and frequented by men of the sacerdotal caste.  And O son of Parikshit!  He in proper form took his bath in them together with his younger brothers and then went to an excellent river, the holiest of all.  There also the magnanimous king, took his plunge, and offered libations to his forefathers and the gods, and distributed riches to the leaders of the twice-born class.  Then he went to the Godavari, a river that falls directly into the sea.  There he was freed from his sins.  And he reached the sea in the Dravida land, and visited the holy spot passing under Agastya’s name, which was exceedingly sacred and exceptionally pure.  And the valiant king visited the feminine sacred spots.  Here he listened to the story of that well-known feat which was achieved by Arjuna, chief of all wielders of the bow, and which was beyond the power of human beings to perform.  And here he was praised by the highest members of the saintly class, and the son of Pandu experienced the greatest delight.  And, O protector of the earth! the ruler of the world, accompanied by Krishna bathed in those holy spots, and speaking of Arjuna’s valour in laudatory terms delightfully spent his time in the place.  Then he gave away thousands of cows at those holy spots on the coast of the sea; and with his brothers narrated well pleased how Arjuna had made a gift of kine.  And he, O king! visited one by one those holy places on the coast of the sea and many other sacred spots, and thus fulfilled his heart’s desire, till he came to the holiest of all known by

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