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vanished from sight.  The two ladies, however, made an interchange both in the matter of the pots of rice, and likewise as regards the trees (to be embraced by each).  Then after the lapse of very many days, the revered saint, once more came.  And he came knowing (what had happened) by his attribute of divine knowledge.  Then Bhrigu possessed of mighty strength, spake to Satyavati, his daughter-in-law, saying, ’O dutiful girl!  O my daughter of a lovely brow, the wrong pot of rice thou tookest as food.  And it was the wrong tree which was embraced by thee.  It was thy mother who deluded thee.  A son will be born of thee, who, though of the priestly caste, will be of a character fit for the military order; while a mighty son will be born of thy mother, who, though by birth a Kshatriya will assume a life suitable to the sacerdotal order.  And his power will be great, and he will walk on the path trodden by righteous men.’  Then she entreated her father-in-law again and again, saying, ’Let not my son be of this character; but let my grandson be such.’  And, O Pandu’s son, he replied, ‘So let it be!’ And thus he was pleased to grant her prayer.  Then she brought forth on the expected day a son by name Jamadagni.  And this son of Bhrigu was endowed with both splendour and grace.  And he grew in years and in strength, and excelled he other saints in the proficiency of his Vaidik lore.  O chieftain of Bharata’s race, to him, rivalling in lustre the author of light (the sun), came spontaneously and without instruction the knowledge of the entire military art and of the fourfold missile arms.’”


“Akritavrana said, ’Jamadagni devoted himself to the study of the Veda and the practice of sacred penances, and became famous for his great austerities.  Then he pursued a methodical course of study and obtained a mastery over the entire Veda.  And, O king, he paid a visit to Prasenajit and solicited the hand of Renuka in marriage.  And this prayer was granted by the king.  And the delight of Bhrigu’s race having thus obtained Renuka for his wife, took his residence with her in a hermitage, and began to practice penances, being assisted by her.  And four boys were born of her, with Rama for the fifth.  And although the youngest, Rama was superior to all in merit.  Now once upon a time, when her sons had gone out for the purpose of gathering fruits, Renuka who had a pure and austere life, went out to bathe.  And, O king, while returning home, she happened to cast her glance towards the king of Martikavata, known by the name of Chitraratha.  The king was in the water with his wives, and wearing on his breast a lotus wreath, was engaged in sport.  And beholding his magnificent form, Renuka was inspired with desire.  And this unlawful desire she could not control, but became polluted within the water, and came back to the hermitage frightened at heart.  Her husband readily perceived what state she was in.  And

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