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slayer of ourselves as well as of the universe.  It is thou who has created this universe with its mobile and immobile creatures.  O thou of eyes like lotus leaves, it was thou who in days of yore hadst for the benefit of all creatures raised from the sea the sunken earth, assuming also the form of a boar.  And, O best of male beings, assuming also the form of half-man and half-lion, thou hadst slain in days of yore that ancient Daitya of mighty prowess known by the name of Hiranyakasipu.  And that other great Asura also, Vali by name, was incapable of being slain by any one.  Assuming the form of a dwarf, thou exiledest him from the three worlds.  O lord, it was by thee that that wicked Asura, Jambha by name, who was a mighty bowman and who always obstructed sacrifices, was slain.  Achievements like these, which cannot be counted, are thine.  O slayer of Madhu, we who have been afflicted with fear, have thee for our refuge.  It is for this, O god of gods, that we inform thee of our present troubles.  Protect the worlds, the gods, and Sakra also, from a terrible fear.’”


“The celestials said, ’Through thy favour it is that all born beings of the four kinds increase.  And they being created, propitiate the dwellers of heaven by offerings made to the gods and the names of departed forefathers.  Thus it is that people, protected by thee and free from trouble live depending on one another, and (so) increase.  Now this peril hath befallen the people.  We do not know by whom are Brahmanas being killed during the night.  If the Brahmanas are destroyed, the earth itself will meet with destruction, and if the earth cometh to an end, heaven also will cease to exist.  O mighty-armed one, O lord of the universe! we beseech thee (to act so) that all the worlds, protected by thee, may not come to an end, so it may please thee.’

“Vishnu said, ’Ye gods!  To me is known the reason of the destruction of the born beings, I shall speak of it to you; listen with minds free from tribulation.  There exists an exceedingly fierce host, known by the name of Kalakeyas.  They, under the lead of Vritra, were devastating the whole universe.  And when they saw that Vritra was slain by the sagacious Indra endued with a thousand eyes, they, to preserve their lives, entered into the ocean, that abode of Varuna.  And having entered the ocean, abounding with sharks and crocodiles, they at night killed the saints at this spot with the view of exterminating the people.  But they cannot be slain, as they have taken shelter within the sea.  Ye should, therefore, think of some expedient to dry up the ocean.  Who save Agastya is capable of drying up the sea.  And without drying up the ocean, these (demons) cannot be assailed by any other means.’  Hearing these words of Vishnu, the gods took the permission of Brahma, who lives at the best of all regions, and went to the hermitage of Agastya.  Then they beheld

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