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stood for some time, clasping the dust-covered Damayanti of sweet smiles.  And, O king, the queen-mother then, with a glad heart, told Bhima all that had passed between Nala and Damayanti.  And the mighty monarch answered, ’Let Nala pass this day in peace, to-morrow I shall see him after his bath and prayers, with Damayanti by his side.’  And, O king, they passed that night pleasantly, in relating to each other the past incidents of their life in the forest.  And with hearts filled with joy, the princess of Vidarbha and Nala began to pass their days in the palace of king Bhima, intent upon making each other happy.  And it was in the fourth year (after the loss of his kingdom) that Nala was re-united with his wife, and all his desires gratified, once more experienced the highest bliss.  And Damayanti rejoiced exceedingly in having recovered her lord even as fields of tender plants on receiving a shower.  And Bhima’s daughter, thus recovering her lord, obtained her wish, and blazed forth in beauty, her weariness gone, her anxieties dispelled and herself swelling with joy, ever like a night that is lit by the bright disc of the moon!”


“Vrihadaswa said, ’Having passed that night, king Nala decked in ornaments and with Damayanti by his side, presented himself in due time before the king.  And Nala saluted his father-in-law with becoming humility and after him the fair Damayanti paid her respects to her father.  And the exalted Bhima, with great joy, received him as a son, and honouring him duly along with his devoted wife, comforted them in proper words.  And duly accepting the homage rendered unto him, king Nala offered his father-in-law his services as became him.  And seeing Nala arrived, the citizens were in great joy.  And there arose in the city a loud uproar of delight.  And the citizens decorated the city with flags and standards and garlands of flowers.  And the streets were watered and decked in floral wreaths and other ornaments.  And at their gates citizens piled flowers, and their temples and shrines were all adorned with flowers.  And Rituparna heard that Vahuka had already been united with Damayanti.  And the king was glad to hear of all this.  And calling unto him king Nala, he asked his forgiveness.  And the intelligent Nala also asked Rituparna’s forgiveness, showing diverse reasons.  And that foremost of speakers versed in the truth, king Rituparna, after being thus honoured by Nala, said, with a countenance expressive of wonder, these words unto the ruler of the Nishadhas.  ’By good fortune it is that regaining the company of thy own wife, thou hast obtained happiness.  O Naishadha, while dwelling in disguise at my house, I hope I did not wrong thee in any way, O lord of the earth!  If knowingly I have done thee any wrong, it behoveth thee to forgive me.’  Hearing this, Nala replied, ’Thou hast not, O monarch, done me ever so little an injury.  And if thou

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