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loving and devoted husband, ever choose a second lord like thee?  At the command of the king, messengers are ranging this entire earth, saying, ’Bhima’s daughter will, of her own accord, choose a second husband worthy of her.’  Immediately on hearing this, the son of Bhangasura hath arrived here.’  Hearing these lamentations of Nala, Damayanti, frightened and trembling, said with joined hand, ’It behoveth thee not, O blessed one, to suspect any fault in me.  O ruler of the Nishadhas, passing over the celestials themselves, I choose thee as my lord.  It was to bring thee hither that the Brahmanas had gone out in all directions, even to all the sides of the horizon, singing my words, in the form of ballads.  At last, O king, a learned Brahmana named Parnada had found thee in Kosala in the palace of Rituparna.  When thou hadst returned a fit answer to those words of his, it was then, O Naishadha, that I devised this scheme to recover thee.  Except thee, O lord of earth, there is no one in this world, who in one day can clear, O King, a hundred yojanas with horses.  O monarch, touching thy feet I can swear truly that I have not, even in thought, committed any sin.  May the all-witnessing Air that courseth through this world, take my life, if I have committed any sin.  May the Sun that ever courseth through the sky take my life, if I have committed any sin.  May the Moon, that dwelleth within every creature as a witness, take my life, if I have committed any sin.  Let the three gods that sustain the triple worlds in their entirety, declare truly, or let them forsake me today.’  And thus addressed by her, the Wind-god said from the sky, ’O Nala, I tell thee truly that she hath done no wrong.  O king, Damayanti, well guarding the honour of thy family, hath enhanced it.  Of this we are the witnesses, as we have been her protectors for these three years.  It is for thy sky that she hath devised this unrivalled scheme, for, except thee, none on earth is capable of travelling in a single day a hundred yojanas.  O monarch, thou hast obtained Bhima’s daughter, and she hath also obtained thee.  Thou needst not entertain any suspicion but be united with thy partner.’  And after the Wind-god had said this, a floral shower fell there and the celestial kettle-drum began to play, and auspicious breezes began to blow.  And beholding those wonders, O Bharata, king Nala, the represser of foes, cast away all his doubts in respect of Damayanti.  And then that lord of earth, remembering the king of serpents, wore that pure garment and regained his native form.  And beholding her righteous lord in his own form, Bhima’s daughter of faultless limbs embraced him, and began to weep aloud.  And king Nala also embraced Bhima’s daughter devoted to him, as before, and also his children, and experienced great delight.  And burying her face in his bosom, the beauteous Damayanti of large eyes began to sigh heavily, remembering her griefs.  And overwhelmed with sorrow, that tiger among men
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