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stopped for a moment.  And then he heard a voice in the skies, saying, ‘Stop!’ And hearing that voice, the son of Pandu cast his glances all around.  And Arjuna, capable of using his left hand with skill equal to that of his right hand, then beheld before him an ascetic under the shade of a tree, blazing with Brahma brilliancy, of a tawny colour, with matted locks, and thin.  And the mighty ascetic, beholding Arjuna stop at t at place, addressed him, saying, ’Who art thou, O child, arrived hither with bow and arrows, and cased in mail and accoutred in scabbard and gauntlet, and (evidently) wedded to the customs of the Kshatriya?  There is no need of weapons here.  This is the abode of peaceful Brahmanas devoted to ascetic austerities without anger or joy.  There is no use for the bow here, for there is no dispute in this place of any kind.  Therefore throw away, O child, this bow of thine.  Thou hast obtained a pure state of life by coming here.  O hero, there is no man who is like thee in energy and prowess.’  That Brahmana thus addressed Arjuna, with a smiling face, repeatedly.  But he succeeded not in moving Arjuna, firmly devoted to his purpose.  The regenerate one, glad at heart, smilingly addressed Arjuna once more, saying, ’O slayer of foes, blest be thou!  I am Sakra:  ask thou the boon thou desirest.’  Thus addressed, that perpetuator of the Kuru race, the heroic Dhananjaya bending his head and joining his hands, replied unto him of a thousand eyes, saying, ’Even this is the object of my wishes; grant me this boon, O illustrious one.  I desire to learn from thee all the weapons.’  The chief of the celestials then, smiling, replied unto him cheerfully, saying, ’O Dhananjaya, when thou hast reached this region, what need is there of weapons?  Thou hast already obtained a pure state of life.  Ask thou for the regions of bliss that thou desirest.’  Thus addressed, Dhananjaya replied unto him o a thousand eyes, saying, ’I desire not regions of bliss, nor objects of enjoyment, nor the state of a celestial; what is this talk about happiness?  O chief of the celestials, I do not desire the prosperity of all the gods.  Having left my brothers behind me in the forest, and without avenging myself on the foe, shall I incur the opprobrium for all ages of all the world.”  Thus addressed, the slayer of Vritra, worshipped of the worlds, consoling him with gentle words, spare unto the son of Pandu, saying, ’When thou art able to behold the three-eyed trident-bearing Siva, the lord of all creatures, it is then, O child, that I will give thee all the celestial weapons.  Therefore, strive thou to obtain the sight of the highest of the gods; for it is only after thou hast seen him.  O son of Kunti, that thou will obtain all thy wishes.’  Having spoken thus unto Phalguna, Sakra disappeared then and there, and Arjuna, devoting himself to asceticism, remained at that spot.”


(Kairata Parva)

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