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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 1,884 pages of information about The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 1.
sorry and do not smile in glee!  Nor doth pride born of joy possess my heart!  Beholding to-day the calamity, I recollect Rama, the son of Dasaratha, devoted to truth!  Even that Rama, accompanied by Lakshman, dwelt in the woods at the command of his father.  O son of Pritha, I beheld him in days of old ranging with his bow on the top of the Rishyamuka hills!  The illustrious Rama was like unto Indra, the lord of Yama himself, and the slayer of Namuchi!  Yet that sinless one had to dwell in the forest at the command of his father, accepting it as his duty.  The illustrious Rama was equal unto Sakra in prowess, and invincible in battle.  And yet he had to range the forest renouncing all pleasures!  Therefore should no one act unrighteously, saying,—­I am mighty!  Kings Nabhaga and Bhagiratha and others, having subjugated by truth this world bounded by the seas, (finally) obtained, O child, all the region hereafter.  Therefore, should no one act unrighteously, saying,—­I am mighty!  And, O exalted of men, the virtuous and truthful king of Kasi and Karusha was called a mad dog for having renounced his territories and riches!  Therefore, should no one act unrighteously, saying,—­I am mighty!  O best of men, O son of Pritha, the seven righteous Rishis, for having observed the ordinance prescribed by the Creator himself in the Vedas, blaze in the firmament.  Therefore, should no one act unrighteously, saying,—­I am mighty!  Behold, O king, the mighty elephants, huge as mountain cliffs and furnished with tusks, transgress not, O exalted of men, the laws of the Creator!  Therefore, should none act unrighteously saying, Might is mine!  And, O foremost of monarchs, behold all the creatures acting according to their species, as ordained by the Creator.  Therefore, should none act unrighteously, saying, Might is mine.  O son of Pritha, in truth, and virtue, and proper behaviour, and modesty, thou hast surpassed all creatures, and thy fame and energy are as bright as fire or the Sun!  Firm in thy promises, O illustrious one, having passed in the woods thy painful exile, thou wilt again, O king, snatch from the Kauravas thy blazing prosperity with the help of thy own energy!’”

Vaisampayana continued, “Having spoken these words unto Yudhishthira (seated) in the midst of the ascetics with friends, the great Rishi having also saluted Dhaumya and all the Pandavas set out in a northerly direction!”


Vaisampayana said, “While the illustrious son of Pandu continued to dwell in the Dwaita woods, that great forest became filled with Brahmanas.  And the lake within that forest, ever resounding with Vedic recitations, became sacred like a second region of Brahma.  And the sounds of the Yajus, the Riks, the Samas, and other words uttered by the Brahmanas, were exceedingly delightful to hear.  And the Vedic recitations of the Brahmanas mingling with the twang of bows of the sons of Pritha, produced a union of

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