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the charge on me, Hari the slayer of Madhu, hath gone to the sacrifice of the Bharata lion (Yudhishthira)!  Therefore, I cannot bear to be quiet now!  O Suta, when the brave Kritavarman was sallying out to encounter Salwa, I prevented him, saying I will resist Salwa.  Do thou stay!  For honouring me the son of Hridika desisted!  Having left the field of battle, what shall I say unto that mighty warrior when I meet him?  When that irrepressible one of mighty arms—­the holder of the conch, the discus, and the mace—­returneth, what shall I say unto him of eyes like lotus leaves?  Satyaki, and Valadeva, and others of the Vrishni and Andhaka races always boast of me!  What shall I say unto them?  O Suta, having left the field of battle and with wounds of arrows on my back while being carried away by thee, I shall, by no means, be able to live!  Therefore, O son of Daruka, turn that car speedily, and never do so again even in times of greatest danger!  I do not, O Suta, think life worth much, having fled from the field like a coward, and my back pierced, with the arrows (of the enemy)!  Hast thou ever seen me.  O son of Suta, fly in fear from the field of battle like coward?  O son of Daruka, it behoved thee not to forsake the battle, while my desire of fight was not yet gratified!  Do thou, therefore, go back to the field.’”


Vasudeva continued, Thus addressed, the son of Suta race replied in haste unto Pradyumna, that foremost of all endued with strength, in these sweet words, ’O son of Rukmini, I fear not to guide the horses on the field of battle, and I am acquainted also with the customs of the Vrishnis in war!  It is not otherwise in the least!  But, O thou blest with length of days, those that guide the car are taught that the warrior on the car is, by all means, to be protected by his charioteer!  Thou wert also much afflicted!  Thou wert much wounded by the arrows shot by Salwa.  Thou wert also deprived of thy senses, O hero!  Therefore is it that I retired from the field.’  But, O chief of the Satwatas, now that thou hast regained thy senses without much ado, do thou, O son of Kesava, witness my skill in guiding the horses!  I have been begotten by Daruka, and I have been duly trained!  I will now penetrate into the celebrated array of Salwa without fear!

“Vasudeva continued, ’Saying this, O hero, the charioteer, pulling the reins, began to lead the horses with speed towards the field of battle.  And, O king, struck with the whip and pulled by the reins those excellent steeds seemed to be flying in the air, performing various beautiful motion, now circular, now similar, now dissimilar, now to the right, now to the left.  And, O king, those steeds understanding as it were the intention of Daruka’s son endued with such lightness of hand, burned with energy, and seemed to go without touching the ground with their feet!  That bull among men wheeled round Salwa’s

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