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up into the air.  We have no fear from this fire’.  And then taking his mother on his left flank, and the king in his right, and the twins on each shoulder, and Vivatsu on his back, the mighty Vrikodara, thus taking all of them, at one leap cleared the fire and delivered his mother and brother from the conflagration.  Setting out that night with their renowned mother, they came near the forest of Hidimva.  And while fatigued and distressed, they were sleeping fast with her, a Rakshasa woman called Hidimva approached them.  Beholding the Pandavas with their mother asleep on the ground, influenced by desire she sought to have Bhimasena for her lord.  The weak one then took up Bhima’s feet on her lap to press them with her soft hands.  The mighty Bhima of immeasurable energy, of prowess that could not be baffled, then woke from sleep, and asked her, saying, ’O thou of faultless features, what dost thou wish here?’ Thus asked by him, the Rakshasa lady of faultless features, capable, besides, of assuming any form at will, replied unto the high-souled Bhima, saying, ’Do ye speedily fly from this place!  My brother gifted with strength will come to slay ye!  Therefore speed and tarry not!’ But Bhima haughtily said, ’I do not fear him!  If he cometh here, I will slay him!’ Hearing their converse, that vilest of cannibals came to the spot.  Of frightful form and dreadful to behold, uttering loud cries as he came, the Rakshasa said, ’O Hidimva, with whom dost thou converse?  Bring him unto me, I will eat him up.  It behoveth thee to tarry not.’  But moved by compassion, the Rakshasa lady of faultless features and pure heart said nothing out of pity.  Then the man-eating monster, uttering dreadful cries, rushed at Bhima with great force.  And approaching him furiously, the mighty cannibal, possessed with rage, caught hold of Bhima’s hand with his own and clenching fast his other hand and making it hard as the thunder-bolt of Indra, suddenly struck Bhima a blow that descended with the force of lightning.  His hand having been seized by the Rakshasa, Vrikodara, without being able to brook it, flew into a rage.  Then a dreadful combat took place between Bhimasena and Hidimva, both skilled in all weapons and which was like unto the encounter of Vasava with Vritra.  And, O sinless one, after sporting with the Rakshasa for a long while the powerful Bhima of mighty energy slew the cannibal when the latter had become weak with exertion.  Then having slain Hidimva, and taking (his sister) Hidimva at their head, of whom was (subsequently) born Ghatotkacha, Bhima and his brothers went away.  Then all those repressors of their foes, accompanied by their mother and surrounded by many Brahmanas proceeded towards Ekachakra.  In the matter of this their journey, Vyasa ever engaged in their welfare had become their counsellor.  Then arriving at Ekachakra, the Pandavas of rigid vows there also slew a mighty cannibal, Vaka by name, terrible as Hidimva himself.  And having slain that fierce cannibal, Bhima that foremost of smiters, went with all his brothers to the capital of Drupada.  And, O Krishna, as thou hadst acquired Rukmini, the daughter of Bhishmaka, even so Savyasachin, while residing there, obtained me!  O slayer of Madhu, Arjuna won me in the Swayamvara, having performed a feat difficult of achievement by others and having fought also with the assembled kings!

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