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of various kinds.  And that great warrior king Bhagadatta, the brave ruler of Pragjyotisha and the mighty sovereign of the mlechchas, at the head of a large number of Yavanas waited at the gate unable to enter, with a considerable tribute comprising of horses of the best breed and possessing the speed of the wind.  And king Bhagadatta (beholding the concourse) had to go away from the gate, making over a number of swords with handles made of the purest ivory and well-adorned with diamonds and every kind of gems.  And many tribes coming from different regions, of whom some possess two eyes, some three and some had eyes on their foreheads, and those also called Aushmikas, and Nishadas, and Romakas, some cannibals and many possessing only one leg.  I say, O king, standing at the gate, being refused permission to enter.  And these diverse rulers brought as tribute ten thousand asses of diverse hues and black necks and huge bodies and great speed and much docility and celebrated all over the world.  And these asses were all of goodly size and delightful colour.  And they were all bred on the coast of Vankhu.  And there were many kings that gave unto Yudhishthira much gold and silver.  And having given much tribute they obtained admission into the palace of Yudhishthira.  The people that came there possessing only one leg gave unto Yudhishthira many wild horses, some of which were as red as the cochineal, and some white, and some possessing the hues of the rainbow and some looking like evening clouds, and some that were of variegated colour.  And they were all endued with the speed of the mind.  And they also gave unto the king enough gold of superior quality.  I also saw numberless Chins and Sakas and Uddras and many barbarous tribes living in the woods, and many Vrishnis and Harahunas, and dusky tribes of the Himavat, and many Nipas and people residing in regions on the sea-coast, waiting at the gate being refused permission to enter.  And the people of Valhika gave unto him as tribute ten thousand asses, of goodly size and black necks and daily running two hundred miles, And those asses were of many shapes.  And they were well-trained and celebrated all over the world.  And possessed of symmetrical proportion and excellent colour, their skins were pleasant to the touch.  And the Valhikas also presented numerous blankets of woollen texture manufactured in Chin and numerous skins of the Ranku deer, and clothes manufactured from jute, and others woven with the threads spun by insects.  And they also gave thousands of other clothes not made of cotton, possessing the colour of the lotus.  And these were all of smooth texture.  And they also gave soft sheep-skins by thousands.  And they also gave many sharp and long swords and scimitars, and hatchets and fine-edged battle-axes manufactured in the western countries.  And having presented perfumes and jewels and gems of various kinds by thousands as tribute, they waited at the gate, being refused admission into the palace.  And the Sakas and Tukhatas
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