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My apparel having been wet, the menials at the command of the king gave me other clothes.  That also is my great sorrow.  And O king, hear now of another mistake that I speak of.  In attempting to pass through what is exactly of the shape of a door but through which there was really no passage, I struck my forehead against stone and injured myself.  The twins Nakula and Sahadeva beholding from a distance that I was so hit at the head came and supported me in their arms, expressing great concern for me.  And Sahadeva repeatedly told me, as if with a smile,—­’This O king, is the door.  Go this way!’ And Bhimasena, laughing aloud, addressed me and said,—­’O son of Dhritarashtra, this is the door.  And, O king I had not even heard of the names of those gems that I saw in that mansion.  And it is for these reasons that my heart so acheth.”


Duryodhana said,—­’Listen now, O Bharata, about all the most costly articles I saw, belonging unto the sons of Pandu, and brought one after another by the kings of the earth.  Beholding that wealth of the foe, I lost my reason and scarcely knew myself.  And, O Bharata, listen as I describe that wealth consisting of both manufactures and the produce of the land.  The king of Kamboja gave innumerable skins of the best king, and blankets made of wool, of the soft fur of rodents and other burroughers, and of the hair of cats,—­all inlaid with threads of gold.  And he also gave three hundred horses of the Titteti and the Kalmasha species possessing noses like parrots.  And he also gave three hundred camels and an equal number of she-asses, all fattened with the olives and the Pilusha.  And innumerable Brahmanas engaged in rearing cattle and occupied in low offices for the gratification of the illustrious king Yudhishthira the just waited at the gate with three hundred millions of tribute but they were denied admission into the palace.  And hundred upon hundreds of Brahmanas possessing wealth of kine and living upon the lands that Yudhishthira had given them, came there with their handsome golden Kamandalus filled with clarified butter.  And though they had brought such tribute, they were refused admission into the palace.  And the Sudra kings that dwelt in the regions on the seacoast, brought with them, O king, hundred thousands of serving girls of the Karpasika country, all of beautiful features and slender waist and luxuriant hair and decked in golden ornaments; and also many skins of the Ranku deer worthy even of Brahmanas as tribute unto king Yudhishthira.  And the tribes Vairamas, Paradas, Tungas, with the Kitavas who lived upon crops that depended on water from the sky or of the river and also they who were born in regions on the sea-shore, in woodlands, or countries on the other side of the ocean waited at the gate, being refused permission to enter, with goats and kine and asses and camels and vegetable, honey and blankets and jewels and gems

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