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“Hearing these words of Duryodhana, Sakuni replied,—­’Hear how thou mayest obtain this unrivalled prosperity that thou beholdest in the son of Pandu, O thou that hast truth for thy prowess.  O Bharata, I am an adept at dice, superior to all in the world.  I can ascertain the success or otherwise of every throw, and when to stake and when not.  I have special knowledge of the game.  The Son of Kunti also is fond of dice playing though he possesseth little skill in it.  Summoned to play or battle, he is sure to come forward, and I will defeat him repeatedly at every throw by practising deception.  I promise to win all that wealth of his, and thou, O Duryodhana, shalt then enjoy the same.’”

Vaisampayana continued,—­“King Duryodhana, thus addressed by Sakuni, without allowing a moment to elapse, said unto Dhritarashtra,—­’This, Sakuni, an adept at dice, is ready to win at dice, O king, the wealth of the sons of Pandu.  It behoveth thee to grant him permission to do so.’

“Dhritarashtra replied,—­’I always follow the counsels of Kshatta, my minister possessed of great wisdom.  Having consulted with him, I will inform thee what my judgment is in respect of this affair.  Endued with great foresight, he will, keeping morality before his eyes, tell us what is good and what is proper for both parties, and what should be done in this matter.’

“Duryodhana said,—­’If thou consultest with Kshatta he will make thee desist.  And if thou desist, O king, I will certainly kill myself.  And when I am dead, O king, thou wilt become happy with Vidura.  Thou wilt then enjoy the whole earth; what need hast thou with me?’”

Vaisampayana continued,—­“Dhritarashtra, hearing these words of affliction uttered by Duryodhana from mixed feeling, himself ready to what Duryodhana had dictated, commanded his servant, saying,—­’Let artificers be employed to erect without delay a delightful and handsome and spacious palace with an hundred doors and a thousand columns.  And having brought carpenters and joiners, set ye jewels and precious stones all over the walls.  And making it handsome and easy of access, report to me when everything is complete.  And, O monarch, king Dhritarashtra having made this resolution for the pacification of Duryodhana, sent messengers unto Vidura for summoning him.  For without taking counsel with Vidura never did the monarch form any resolution.  But as regards the matter at hand, the king although he knew the evils of gambling, was yet attracted towards it.  The intelligent Vidura, however, as soon as he heard of it, knew that the arrival of Kali was at hand.  And seeing that the way to destruction was about to open, he quickly came to Dhritarashtra.  And Vidura approaching his illustrious eldest brother and bowing down unto his feet, said these words: 

’O exalted king, I do not approve of this resolution that thou hast formed.  It behave thee, O king, to act in such a way that no dispute may arise between thy children on account of this gambling match.’

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