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“Hearing these words of the monarchs, king Yudhishthira the just, worshipping each as he deserved, commanded his brothers, saying, ’These monarchs had all come to us at their own pleasure.  These chastisers of foes are now desirous of returning to their own kingdoms, bidding me farewell.  Blest be ye, follow ye these excellent kings to the confines of our own dominions.’  Hearing these words of their brother, the virtuous Pandava princes followed the kings, one after another as each deserved.  The powerful Dhrishtadyumna followed without loss of time king Virata:  and Dhananjaya followed the illustrious and mighty charioteer Yajnasena; and the mighty Bhimasena followed Bhishma and Dhritarashtra:  and Sahadeva, that master of battle, followed the brave Drona and his son; and Nakula, O king, followed Suvala with his son; and the sons of Draupadi with the son of Subhadra followed those mighty warriors—­the kings of the mountainous countries.  And other bulls among Kshatriyas followed other Kshatriyas.  And the Brahmanas by thousands also went away, duly worshipped.

“After all the Kings and the Brahmanas had gone away, the powerful Vasudeva addressing Yudhishthira said,—­’O son of the Kuru race, with thy leave, I also desire to go to Dwaraka.  By great good fortune, thou hast accomplished the foremost of sacrifices—­Rajasuya!’ Thus addressed by Janarddana, Yudhishthira replied, ’Owing to thy grace, O Govinda.  I have accomplished the great sacrifice.  And it is owing to thy grace that the whole Kshatriya world having accepted my sway, had come hither with valuable tribute.  O hero, without thee, my heart never feeleth any delight.  How can I, therefore, O hero, give thee, O sinless one, leave to go?  But thou must have to go to the city of Dwaraka.’  The virtuous Hari of worldwide fame, thus addressed by Yudhishthira, cheerfully went with his cousin to Pritha and said,—­’O aunt, thy sons have now obtained the imperial dignity.  They have obtained vast wealth and been also crowned with success.  Be pleased with all this.  Commanded by thee, O aunt, I desire to go to Dwaraka.’  After this, Kesava bade farewell to Draupadi and Subhadra.  Coming out then of the inner apartments accompanied by Yudhishthira, he performed his ablutions and went through the daily rites of worship, and then made the Brahmanas utter benedictions.  Then the mighty armed Daruka came there with a car of excellent design and body resembling the clouds.  And beholding that Garuda-bannered car arrived thither, the high-souled one, with eyes like lotus leaves, walked round it respectfully and ascending on it set out for Dwaravati.  And king Yudhishthira the just, blessed with prosperity, accompanied by his brothers, followed on foot the mighty Vasudeva.  Then Hari with eyes like lotus leaves, stopping that best of cars for a moment, addressing Yudhishthira the son of Kunti, said,—­’O king of kings, cherishest thou thy subjects with ceaseless vigilance and patience.  And as the clouds are

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