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“When king Yudhishthira the just, conversant with morality, said this, Bhishma the grandsire of the Kurus, spoke these words in reply,—­’Fear not, O tiger of the Kurus.  Can the dog slay the lion?  I have before this found out a way that is both beneficial and comfortable to practise.  As dogs in a pack approaching the lion that is asleep bark together, so are all these lords of earth.  Indeed, O child, like dogs before the lion, these (monarchs) are barking in rage before the sleeping lion of the Vrishni race.  Achyuta now is like a lion that is asleep.  Until he waketh up, this chief of the Chedis—­this lion among men—­maketh these monarchs look like lions.  O child, O thou foremost of all monarchs, this Sisupala possessed of little intelligence is desirous of taking along with him all these kings, through the agency of him who is the soul of the universe, to the regions of Yama.  Assuredly, O Bharata Vishnu hath been desirous of taking back unto himself the energy that existeth in this Sisupala.  O Chief of all intelligent men, O son of Kunti, the intelligence of this wicked-minded king of the Chedis, as also of all these monarchs, hath become perverse.  Indeed, the intelligence of all those whom this tiger among men desireth to take unto himself, becometh perverse even like that of this king of the Chedis.  O Yudhishthira, Madhava is the progenitor as also the destroyer of all created beings of the four species, (oviparous, etc.,) existing in the three worlds.’”

“Vaisampayana continued—­Then the ruler of Chedis, having heard these words of Bhishma, addressed the latter, O Bharata, in words that were stern and rough.”


’Sisupala said,—­’Old and infamous wretch of thy race, art thou not ashamed of affrighting all these monarchs with these numerous false terrors!  Thou art the foremost of the Kurus, and living as thou dost in the third state (celibacy) it is but fit for thee that thou shouldst give such counsel that is so wide of morality.  Like a boat tied to another boat or the blind following the blind, are the Kurus who have thee for their guide.  Thou hast once more simply pained our hearts by reciting particularly the deeds of this one (Krishna), such as the slaying of Putana and others.  Arrogant and ignorant as thou art, and desirous of praising Kesava, why doth not this tongue of thine split up into a hundred parts?  How dost thou, superior as thou art in knowledge, desire to praise that cow-boy in respect of whom even men of little intelligence may address invectives?  If Krishna in his infancy slew a vulture, what is there remarkable in that, or in that other feat of his, O Bhishma, viz., in his slaughter of Aswa and Vrishava, both of whom were unskilled in battle?  If this one threw drown by a kick an inanimate piece of wood, viz., a car, what is there, O Bhishma, wonderful in that?  O Bhishma, what is there remarkable

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