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by Bhrigu for some reason.  Indeed, being the mouth of the gods and also the first who eateth of what is offered in sacrifices, the eater also of the sacrificial butter, how will Agni be reduced to the condition of one who eateth of all things promiscuously?’ And the creator of the universe hearing these words of theirs summoned Agni to his presence.  And Brahma addressed Agni, the creator of all and eternal as himself, in these gentle words, ’Thou art the creator of the worlds and thou art their destroyer!  Thou preserves! the three worlds and thou art the promoter of all sacrifices and ceremonies!  Therefore behave thyself so that ceremonies be not interrupted.  And, O thou eater of the sacrificial butter, why dost thou act so foolishly, being, as thou art, the Lord of all?  Thou alone art always pure in the universe and thou art its stay!  Thou shall not, with all thy body, be reduced to the state of one who eateth of all things promiscuously.  O thou of flames, the flame that is in thy viler parts shall alone eat of all things alike.  The body of thine which eateth of flesh (being in the stomach of all carnivorous animals) shall also eat of all things promiscuously.  And as every thing touched by the sun’s rays becometh pure, so shall everything be pure that shall be burnt by thy flames.  Thou art, O fire, the supreme energy born of thy own power.  Then, O Lord, by that power of thine make the Rishi’s curse come true.  Continue to ‘receive thy own portion and that of the gods, offered at thy mouth.’

’Sauti continued, ’Then Agni replied to the Grandfather, ‘So be it.’  And he then went away to obey the command of the supreme Lord.  The gods and the Rishis also returned in delight to the place whence they had come.  And the Rishis began to perform as before their ceremonies and sacrifices.  And the gods in heaven and all creatures of the world rejoiced exceedingly.  And Agni too rejoiced in that he was free from the prospect of sin.

“Thus, O possessor of the six attributes, had Agni been cursed in the days of yore by Bhrigu.  And such is the ancient history connected with the destruction of the Rakshasa, Pauloma and the birth of Chyavana.’”

Thus endeth the seventh section of the Pauloma Parva of the Adi Parva of the blessed Mahabharata.


(Pauloma Parva continued)

“Sauti said, ’O Brahmana, Chyavana, the son of Bhrigu, begot a son in the womb of his wife Sukanya.  And that son was the illustrious Pramati of resplendent energy.  And Pramati begot in the womb of Ghritachi a son called Ruru.  And Ruru begot on his wife Pramadvara a son called Sunaka.  And I shall relate to you in detail, O Brahmana, the entire history of Ruru of abundant energy.  O listen to it then in full!

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