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Vaisampayana said,—­that chastiser of all foes then vanquished king Srenimat of the country of Kumara, and then Vrihadvala, the king of Kosala.  Then the foremost of the sons of Pandu, by performing feats excelling in fierceness, defeated the virtuous and mighty king Dirghayaghna of Ayodhya.  And the exalted one then subjugated the country of Gopalakaksha and the northern Kosalas and also the king of Mallas.  And the mighty one, arriving then in the moist region at the foot of the Himalayas soon brought the whole country under his sway.  And that bull of Bharata race brought under control in this way diverse countries.  And endued with great energy and in strength the foremost of all strong men, the son of Pandu next conquered the country of Bhallata, as also the mountain of Suktimanta that was by the side of Bhallata.  Then Bhima of terrible prowess and long arms, vanquishing in battle the unretreating Suvahu the king of Kasi, brought him under complete sway.  Then that bull among the sons of Pandu overcame in battle, by sheer force, the great king Kratha reigning in the region lying about Suparsa.  Then the hero of great energy vanquished the Matsya and the powerful Maladas and the country called Pasubhumi that was without fear or oppression of any kind.  And the long-armed hero then, coming from that land, conquered Madahara, Mahidara, and the Somadheyas, and turned his steps towards the north.  And the mighty son of Kunti then subjugated, by sheer force, the country called Vatsabhumi, and the king of the Bhargas, as also the ruler of the Nishadas and Manimat and numerous other kings.  Then Bhima, with scarcely any degree of exertion and very soon, vanquished the southern Mallas and the Bhagauanta mountains.  And the hero next vanquished, by policy alone, the Sarmakas and the Varmakas.  And that tiger among men then defeated with comparative ease that lord of earth, Janaka the king of the Videhas.  And the hero then subjugated strategically the Sakas and the barbarians living in that part of the country.  And the son of Pandu, sending forth expeditions from Videha, conquered the seven kings of the Kiratas living about the Indra mountain.  The mighty hero then, endued with abundant energy, vanquished in battle the Submas and the Prasuhmas.  And winning them over to his side, the son of Kunti, possessed of great strength, marched against Magadha.  On his way he subjugated the monarchs known by the names of Danda and Dandadhara, And accompanied by those monarchs, the son of Pandu marched against Girivraja.  After bringing the son of Jarasandha under his sway by conciliation and making him pay tribute, the hero then accompanied by the monarchs he had vanquished, marched against Kansa.  And making the earth tremble by means of his troops consisting of the four kinds of forces, the foremost of the Pandavas then encountered Karna that slayer of foes.  And, O Bharata, having subjugated Karna and brought him under his sway, the

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