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collected for Krishna and Partha numerous costly and well-flavoured viands and drinks and other articles of enjoyment and floral wreaths and various perfumes, the party entered without delay the inner apartments adorned with many precious gems of pure rays.  Entering those apartments, everybody, O Bharata, began to sport, according to his pleasure.  The women of the party, all of full rotund hips and deep bosoms and handsome eyes, and gait unsteady with wine began to sport there at the command of Krishna and Partha.  Some amongst the women sported as they liked in the woods, some in the waters, and some within the mansions, as directed by Partha and Govinda.  Draupadi and Subhadra, exhilarated with wine, began to give away unto the women so sporting, their costly robes and ornaments.  And some amongst those women began to dance in joy, and some began to sing; and some amongst them began to laugh and jest, and some to drink excellent wines.  Some began to obstruct one another’s progress and some to fight with one another, and to discourse with one another in private.  Those mansions and the woods, filled with the charming music of flutes and guitars and kettledrums, became the scene of Prosperity personified.

“When such was the state of things there, Arjuna and Vasudeva went to a certain charming spot (in those woods) not far from the place where the others were.  O monarch, the high-souled Krishna, and that subjugators of hostile cities, viz., Arjuna, going thither, sat down upon two very costly seats.  Vasudeva and Partha amused themselves there with discoursing upon many past achievements of prowess and other topics.  Unto Vasudeva and Dhananjaya happily sitting there like the Aswins in heaven, a certain Brahmana came.  The Brahmana that came there looked like a tall Sala tree.  His complexion was like unto molten gold; his beard was bright yellow tinged with green; and the height and the thickness of the body were in just proportion.  Of matted locks and dressed in rags, he resembled the morning sun in splendour.  Of eyes like lotus-petals and of a tawny hue, he seemed to be blazing with effulgence.  Beholding that foremost of Brahmanas blazing with splendour approach towards them both Arjuna and Vasudeva, hastily rising from their seats, stood, waiting (for his commands).’”


(Khandava-daha Parva continued)

“Vaisampayana said, ’Then that Brahmana addressed Arjuna and Vasudeva of the Satwata race, saying, ’Ye who are now staying so near unto Khandava are the two foremost of heroes on earth.  I am a voracious Brahmana that always eateth much.  O thou of the Vrishni race, and O Partha, I solicit you to gratify me by giving me sufficient food.’  Thus addressed by the Brahmana, Krishna and the son of Pandu answered him, saying, ’O, tell us what kind of food will gratify thee so that we may endeavour to give it thee.’  The illustrious Brahmana,

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