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’Ye senseless men, what are ye doing, when Janardana sitteth silent?  Without knowing what is in his mind, vainly do we roar in wrath!  Let the high-souled Krishna give out what he proposeth.  Accomplish promptly what he desireth to do.’  Then all of them, hearing those words of Halayudha that deserved to be accepted, exclaimed, ‘Excellent!  Excellent!’ They then all became silent.  Silence having been restored by the words of the intelligent Valadeva, they took their seats once more in that assembly.  Then Rama, that oppressor of foes, spoke unto Vasudeva, saying, ’Why, O Janardana, sittest thou, gazing silently?  O Achyuta, it was for thy sake that the son of Pritha had been welcomed and honoured by us.  It seemeth, however, that that vile wretch deserved not our homage.  What man is there born of a respectable family that would break the plate after having dined from it!  Even if one desireth to make such an alliance, yet remembering all the services he hath received, who is there, desirous of happiness, that acts so rashly?  That Pandava disregarding us and thee too hath today outraged Subhadra, desiring (to compass) his own death.  He hath placed his foot on the crown of my head.  How shall I, O Govinda, tamely bear it?  Shall I not resent it, even like a snake that is trodden upon?  Alone shall I today make the earth destitute of Kauravas!  Never shall I put up with this transgression by Arjuna.’  Then all the Bhojas, Vrishnis, and Andhakas, present there, approved of everything that Valadeva had said, deeply roaring like unto a kettle-drum or the clouds.’”


(Haranaharana Parva)

“Vaisampayana said, ’When the heroes of the Vrishni race began to speak repeatedly in this strain, Vasudeva uttered these words pregnant with deep import and consistent with true morality.  Gudakesa (the conqueror of sleep or he of the curly hair), by what he hath done, hath not insulted our family.  He hath without doubt, rather enhanced our respect.  Partha knoweth that we of the Satwata race are never mercenary.  The son of Pandu also regardeth a self-choice as doubtful in its results.  Who also would approve of accepting a bride in gift as if she were an animal?  What man again is there on earth that would sell his offspring?  I think Arjuna, seeing these faults in all the other methods took the maiden away by force, according to the ordinance.  This alliance is very proper.  Subhadra is a renowned girl.  Partha too possesseth renown.  Perhaps, thinking of all this, Arjuna hath taken her away by force.  Who is there that would not desire to have Arjuna for a friend, who is born in the race of Bharata and the renowned Santanu, and the son also of the daughter of Kuntibhoja?  I do not see, in all the worlds with Indra and the Rudras, the person that can by force vanquish Partha in battle, except the three-eyed god Mahadeva.  His car is well-known.  Yoked thereunto are those steeds of mine.  Partha

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