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“Ulupi answered, ’I know, O son of Pandu, why thou wanderest over the earth, and why thou hast been commanded to lead the life of a Brahmacharin by the superior.  Even this was the understanding to which all of you had been pledged, viz., that amongst you all owning Drupada’s daughter as your common wife, he who would from ignorance enter the room where one of you would be sitting with her, should lead the life of a Brahmacharin in the woods for twelve years.  The exile of any one amongst you, therefore, is only for the sake of Draupadi.  Thou art but observing the duty arising from that vow.  Thy virtue cannot sustain any diminution (by acceding to my solicitation).  Then again, O thou of large eyes, it is a duty to relieve the distressed.  Thy virtue suffereth no diminution by relieving me.  Oh, if (by this act), O Arjuna, thy virtue doth suffer a small diminution, thou wilt acquire great merit by saving my life.  Know me for thy worshipper, O Partha!  Therefore, yield thyself up to me!  Even this, O lord, is the opinion of the wise (viz., that one should accept a woman that wooeth).  If thou do not act in this way, know that I will destroy myself.  O thou of mighty arms, earn great merit by saving my life.  I seek thy shelter, O best of men!  Thou protectest always, O son of Kunti, the afflicted and the masterless.  I seek thy protection, weeping in sorrow.  I woo thee, being filled with desire.  Therefore, do what is agreeable to me.  It behoveth thee to gratify my wish by yielding thy self up to me.’

“Vaisampayana said, ’Thus addressed by the daughter of the king of the Nagas, the son of Kunti did everything she desired, making virtue his motive.  The mighty Arjuna, spending the night in the mansion of the Naga rose with the sun in the morning.  Accompanied by Ulupi he came back from the palace of Kauravya to the region where the Ganges entereth the plains.  The chaste Ulupi, taking her leave there, returned to her own abode.  And, O Bharata, she granted unto Arjuna a boon making him invincible in water, saying, ’Every amphibious creature shall, without doubt, be vanquishable by thee.’”


(Arjuna-vanavasa Parva continued)

“Vaisampayana said, ’Then the son of the wielder of the thunderbolt narrated everything unto those Brahmanas (residing with him there), set out for the breast of Himavat.  Arriving at the spot called Agastyavata, he next went to Vasishtha’s peak.  Thence the son of Kunti proceeded to the peak of Bhrigu.  Purifying himself with ablutions and other rites there, that foremost of the Kurus gave away unto Brahmanas many thousands of cows and many houses.  Thence that best of men proceeded to the sacred asylum called Hiranyavindu.  Performing his ablutions there, that foremost of the sons of Pandu saw many holy regions.  Descending from those heights that chief of men, O Bharata, accompanied by the Brahmanas, journeyed towards the east, desiring

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