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towards all directions as Tilottama walked round them.  Except the divine Grandsire himself, the glances of those illustrious personages, even of all of them fell upon Tilottama’s body.  And when Tilottama set out (for the city of the Asuras) with the wealth of her beauty, all regarded the task as already accomplished.  After Tilottama had gone away, the great god who was the First Cause of the Universe, dismissed all the celestials and the Rishis.’”


(Rajya-labha Parva continued)

“Narada continued, ’Meanwhile the Asura brothers having subjugated the earth were without a rival.  The fatigue of exertion gone, they, having brought the three worlds under equal sway, regarded themselves as persons that had nothing more to do.  Having brought all the treasures of the gods, the Gandharvas, the Yakshas, the Nagas, the Rakshasas, and the kings of the earth, the brothers began to pass their days in great happiness.  When they saw they had no rivals (in the three worlds), they gave up all exertion and devoted their time to pleasure and merriment, like the celestials.  They experienced great happiness by giving themselves up to every kind of enjoyment, such as women, and perfumes and floral wreaths and viands, and drinks and many other agreeable objects all in profusion.  In houses and woods and gardens, on hills and in forests, wherever they liked they passed their time in pleasure and amusement, like the immortals.  And it so happened that one day they went for purposes of pleasure to a tableland of the Vindhya range, perfectly level and stony, and overgrown with blossoming trees.  After every object of desire, all of the most agreeable kind, had been brought, the brothers sat on an excellent seat, with happy hearts and accompanied by handsome women.  And those damsels, desirous of pleasing the brothers, commenced a dance in accompaniment to music, and sweetly chanted many a song in praise of the mighty pair.’

“Meanwhile Tilottama attired in a single piece of red silk that exposed all her charms, came along, plucking wild flowers on her way.  She advanced slowly to where those mighty Asuras were.  The Asura brothers, intoxicated with the large portions they had imbibed, were smitten upon beholding that maiden of transcendent beauty.  Leaving their seats they went quickly to where the damsel was.  Both of them being under the influence of lust, each sought the maiden for himself.  And Sunda seized that maid of fair brows by her right hand.  Intoxicated with the boons they had obtained, with physical might, with the wealth and gems they had gathered from every quarter, and with the wine they had drunk, maddened with all these, and influenced by wishful desire, they addressed each other, each contracting his bow in anger, ’She is my wife, and therefore your superior,’ said Sunda.  ’She is my wife, and therefore your sister-in-law’, replied Upasunda.  And they said unto each other, ’She is mine

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