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jars and vessels being broken, their (sacred) contents were scattered over the ground.  The whole universe became empty, as if its creatures had all been stricken down during the season of general dissolution.  And, O king, after the Rishis had all disappeared and made themselves invisible both the great Asuras, resolved upon their destruction, began to assume various forms.  Assuming the forms of maddened elephants with temples rent from excess of juice, the Asura pair, searching out the Rishis who had sheltered themselves in caves, sent them to the region of Yama.  Sometimes becoming as lions and again as tigers and disappearing the next moment, by these and other methods the cruel couple, seeing the Rishis, slew them instantly.  Sacrifice and study ceased, and kings and Brahmanas were exterminated.  The earth became utterly destitute of sacrifices and festivals.  And the terrified people uttered cries of Oh and Alas and all buying and selling were stopped.  All religious rites ceased, and the earth became destitute of sacred ceremonies and marriages.  Agriculture was neglected and cattle were no longer tended.  Towns and asylums became desolate.  And scattered over with bones and skeletons, the earth assumed a frightful aspect.  All ceremonies in honour of the Pitris were suspended, and the sacred sound of Vashat and the whole circle of auspicious rites ceased.  The earth became frightful to behold.  The Sun and the Moon, the Planets and Stars, and Constellations, and the other dwellers in the firmament, witnessing these acts of Sunda and Upasunda, grieved deeply.  Subjugating all the points of heaven by means of such cruel acts, the Asura brothers took up their abode in Kurukshetra, without a single rival.’”


(Rajya-labha Parva continued)

“Narada continued, ’Then the celestial Rishis, the Siddhas, and the high-souled Rishis possessing the attributes of tranquillity and self-restraint, beholding that act of universal slaughter, were afflicted with great grief.  With passions and senses and souls under complete control, they then went to the abode of the Grandsire, moved by compassion for the universe.  Arrived there, they beheld the Grandsire seated with gods, Siddhas, and Brahmarshis around him.  There were present that God of gods, viz., Mahadeva, and Agni, accompanied by Vayu, and Soma and Surya and Sakra, and Rishis devoted to the contemplation of Brahma, and the Vaikhanasas, the Valakhilyas, the Vanaprasthas, the Marichipas, the Ajas, the Avimudas, and other ascetics of great energy.  All those Rishis were sitting with the Grandsire, when the celestial and other Rishis, approaching Brahman with sorrowful hearts, represented unto him all the acts of Sunda and Upasunda.  And they told the Grandsire in detail everything that the Asura brothers had done, and how they had done it, and in what order.  Then all the celestials and the great Rishis pressed the matter

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