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partisan, have already defeated everybody in war.  They who have Drupada for their father-in-law, and Drupada’s sons—­the heroic brothers, viz., Dhristadyumna and others of Prishata’s race for their brothers-in-law, are certainly invincible.  Remembering this, O monarch, and knowing that their claim to the kingdom is even prior to thine, behave virtuously towards them.  The stain of calumny is on thee, O monarch, in consequence of that act of Purochana.  Wash thyself of it now, by a kindly behaviour towards the Pandavas.  This kindly behaviour of thine, O monarch, towards the Pandavas will be an act of great benefit to us, protecting the lives of us all that belong to Kuru’s race, and leading to the growth of the whole Kshatriya order!  We had formerly warred with king Drupada; if we can now secure him as an ally, it will strengthen our party.  The Dasarhas, O king, are numerous and strong.  Know where Krishna is, all of them must be, and where Krishna is, there victory also must be!  O king, who, unless cursed by the gods, would seek, to effect that by means of war which can be effected by conciliation?  Hearing that the sons of Pritha are alive, the citizens and other subjects of the realm have become exceedingly glad and eager for beholding them.  O monarch, act in a way that is agreeable to them.  Duryodhana and Karna and Sakuni, the son of Suvala, are sinful, foolish and young; listen not to them.  Possessed of every virtue thou art I long ago told thee, O monarch that for Duryodhana’s fault, the subjects of this kingdom would be exterminated.’”


(Viduragamana Parva continued)

“Vaisampayana said, ’Hearing these various speeches, Dhritarashtra said, The learned Bhishma, the son of Santanu, and the illustrious Rishi Drona, and thyself also (O Vidura), have said the truth and what also is most beneficial to me.  Indeed, as those mighty car-warriors, the heroic sons of Kunti. are the children of Pandu, so are they, without doubt, my children according to the ordinance.  And as my sons are entitled to this kingdom, so are the sons of Pandu certainly entitled to it.  Therefore, hasten to bring hither the Pandavas along with their mother, treating them with affectionate consideration.  O thou of Bharata’s race, bring also Krishna of celestial beauty along with them.  From sheer good fortune the sons of Pritha are alive; and from good fortune alone those mighty car-warriors have obtained the daughter of Drupada.  It is from good fortune alone that our strength hath increased, and it is from good fortune alone that Purochana hath perished.  O thou of great splendour, it is from good fortune that my great grief hath been killed!’

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