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with our large army consisting of four kinds of forces, grind Drupada without loss of time, and bring hither the Pandavas.  Indeed, the Pandavas are incapable of being discomfited by any policy of conciliation, of gift, of wealth and bribery, or of disunion.  Vanquish them, therefore, by thy prowess.  And vanquishing them by thy prowess, rule thou this wide earth.  O monarch, I see not any other means by which we may accomplish our end.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’Hearing these words of Radheya, Dhritarashtra, endued with great strength, applauded him highly.  The monarch then addressed him and said, ’Thou, O son of a Suta, art gifted with great wisdom and accomplished in arms.  This speech, therefore, favouring the exhibition of prowess suiteth thee well.  But let Bhishma, and Drona, and Vidura, and you two, take counsel together and adopt that proposal which may lead to our benefit.’

Vaisampayana continued, “’Then king Dhritarashtra called unto him, all those celebrated ministers and took counsel with them.’”


(Viduragamana Parva continued)

“Vaisampayana said, ’Asked by Dhritarashtra to give his opinion, Bhishma replied, ’O Dhritarashtra, a quarrel with the Pandavas is what I can never approve of.  As thou art to me, so was Pandu without doubt.  And the sons of Gandhari are to me, as those of Kunti.  I should protect them as well as I should thy sons, O Dhritarashtra!  And, O king, the Pandavas are as much near to me as they are to prince Duryodhana or to all the other Kurus.  Under these circumstances a quarrel with them is what I never like.  Concluding a treaty with those heroes, let half the land be given unto them.  This is without doubt, the paternal kingdom of those foremost ones of the Kuru race.  And, O Duryodhana, like thee who lookest upon this kingdom as thy paternal property, the Pandavas also look upon it as their paternal possession.  If the renowned sons of Pandu obtain not the kingdom, how can it be thine, or that of any other descendant of the Bharata race?  If thou regardest thyself as one that hath lawfully come into the possession of the kingdom, I think they also may be regarded to have lawfully come into the possession of this kingdom before thee.  Give them half the kingdom quietly.  This, O tiger among men, is beneficial to all.  If thou actest otherwise, evil will befall us all.  Thou too shall be covered with dishonour.  O Duryodhana, strive to maintain thy good name.  A good name is, indeed, the source of one’s strength.  It hath been said that one liveth in vain whose reputation hath gone.  A man, O Kaurava, doth not die so long as his fame lasteth.  One liveth as long as one’s fame endureth, and dieth when one’s fame is gone.  Follow thou, O son of Gandhari, the practice that is worthy of the Kuru race.  O thou of mighty arms, imitate thy own ancestors.  We are fortunate that the Pandavas have not perished. 

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