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“Vaisampayana continued, ’The sons of Pandu, then, hearing those words of their eldest brother, began to revolve them in their minds in great cheerfulness.  The hero of the Vrishni race (Krishna suspecting the five persons he had seen at the Swayamvara to be none else than the heroes of the Kuru race), came accompanied by the son of Rohini (Valadeva), to the house of the potter where those foremost of men had taken up their quarters.  On arriving there, Krishna and Valadeva beheld seated in that potter’s house Ajatasanu (Yudhishthira) of well developed and long arms, and his younger brothers passing the splendour of fire sitting around him.  Then Vasudeva approaching that foremost of virtuous men—­the son of Kunti—­and touching the feet of that prince of the Ajamida race, said, ’I am Krishna.’  And the son of Rohini (Valadeva) also approaching Yudhishthira, did the same.  And the Pandavas, beholding Krishna and Valadeva, began to express great delight.  And, O thou foremost of the Bharata race, those heroes of the Yadu race thereafter touched also the feet of Kunti, their father’s sister.  And Ajatasatru, that foremost of the Kuru race, beholding Krishna, enquired after his well-being and asked, ’How, O Vasudeva, hast thou been able to trace us, as we are living in disguise?’ And Vasudeva, smilingly answered, ’O king, fire, even if it is covered, can be known.  Who else among men than the Pandavas could exhibit such might?  Ye resisters of all foes, ye sons of Pandu, by sheer good fortune have ye escaped from that fierce fire.  And it is by sheer good fortune alone that the wicked son of Dhritarashtra and his counsellors have not succeeded in accomplishing their wishes.  Blest be ye!  And grow ye in prosperity like a fire in a cave gradually growing and spreading itself all around.  And lest any of the monarchs recognise ye, let us return to our tent.’  Then, obtaining Yudhishthira’s leave, Krishna of prosperity knowing no decrease, accompanied by Valadeva, hastily went away from the potter’s abode.’”


(Swayamvara Parva continued)

“Vaisampayana said, ’When the Kuru princes (Bhima and Arjuna) were wending towards the abode of the potter, Dhrishtadyumna, the Panchala prince followed them.  And sending away all his attendants, he concealed himself in some part of the potter’s house, unknown to the Pandavas.  Then Bhima, that grinder of all foes, and Jishnu, and the illustrious twins, on returning from their eleemosynary round in the evening, cheerfully gave everything unto Yudhishthira.  Then the kind-hearted Kunti addressing the daughter of Drupada said, ’O amiable one, take thou first a portion from this and devote it to the gods and give it away to Brahmanas, and feed those that desire to eat and give unto those who have become our guests.  Divide the rest into two halves.  Give one of these unto Bhima, O amiable one, for this strong youth of fair complexion—­equal unto a king of elephants—­this

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