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that thou art ever vigilant in the practice of morality and devoted to the service of thy superiors.  It behoveth thee not to commit sin, O thou irrepressible one, deprived though thou hast been of thy senses by (the Rishi’s) curse.  My season hath come, and wishful of my husband’s company I was connected with him.  I have not been gratified yet.  Be propitious unto us, O thou best of kings!  Liberate my husband.’  The monarch, however, without listening to her cries cruelly devoured her husband like a tiger devouring its desirable prey.  Possessed with wrath at this sight, the tears that that woman shed blazed up like fire and consumed everything in that place.  Afflicted with grief at the calamity that overtook her lord, the Brahmani in anger cursed the royal sage Kalmashapada, ’Vile wretch, since thou hast today cruelly devoured under my very nose my illustrious husband dear unto me, even before my desires have been gratified, therefore shall thou, O wicked one afflicted by my curse, meet with instant death when thou goest in for thy wife in season.  And thy wife, O wretch, shall bring forth a son uniting herself with that Rishi Vasishtha whose children have been devoured by thee.  And that child, O worst of kings, shall be the perpetuator of thy race.’  And cursing the monarch thus, that lady of Angira’s house bearing every auspicious mark, entered the blazing fire in the very sight of the monarch.  And, O thou oppressor of all foes, the illustrious and exalted Vasishtha by his ascetic power and spiritual insight immediately knew all.  And long after this, when the king became freed from his curse, he approached his wife Madayanati when her season came.  But Madayanati softly sent him away.  Under the influence of passion the monarch had no recollection of that curse.  Hearing, however, the words of his wife, the best of kings became terribly alarmed.  And recollecting the curse he repented bitterly of what he had done.  It was for this reason, O thou best of men, that the monarch infected with the Brahmani’s curse, appointed Vasishtha to beget a son upon his queen.’”


(Chaitraratha Parva continued)

“Arjuna asked, ’O Gandharva, thou art acquainted with everything.  Tell us, therefore, which Veda-knowing Brahmana is worthy to be appointed as our priest.’

“The Gandharva replied, ’There is in these woods a shrine of the name of Utkochaka.  Dhaumya, the younger brother of Devala is engaged there in ascetic penances.  Appoint him, if ye desire, your priest.”

“Vaisampayana said, ’Then Arjuna, highly pleased with everything that had happened, gave unto that Gandharva, his weapon of fire with befitting ceremonies.  And addressing him, the Pandava also said, ’O thou best of Gandharvas, let the horses thou givest us remain with thee for a time.  When the occasion cometh, we will take them from thee.  Blest be thou.’  Then the Gandharva and

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