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answered her, saying, ’O queen of rivers, we have been cursed, for a venial fault, by the illustrious Vasishtha in anger.  The foremost of excellent Rishis, Vasishtha, had been engaged in his twilight adorations and seated as he was, he could not be seen by us.  We crossed him in ignorance.  Therefore, in wrath he hath cursed us, saying, Be ye born among men!’ It is beyond our power to frustrate what hath been said by that utterance of Brahma.  Therefore, O river, thyself becoming a human female make us the Vasus, thy children.  O amiable one, we are unwilling to enter the womb of any human female.’  Thus addressed, the queen of rivers told them, ’Be it so and asked them, ‘On earth, who is that foremost of men whom ye will make your father?’

“The Vasus replied, ’On earth, unto Pratipa shall be born a son, Santanu, who will be a king of world-wide fame.’  Ganga then said, ’Ye celestials, that is exactly my wish which ye sinless ones have expressed.  I shall, indeed, do good to that Santanu.  That is also your desire as just expressed.’  The Vasus then said, ’It behoveth thee to throw thy children after birth, into the water, so that, O thou of three courses (celestial, terrestrial, and subterranean) we may be rescued soon without having to live on earth for any length of time.’  Ganga then answered, ’I shall do what ye desire.  But in order that his intercourse with me may not be entirely fruitless, provide ye that one son at least may live.’  The Vasus then replied, ’We shall each contribute an eighth part of our respective energies With the sum thereof, thou shall have one son according to thy and his wishes.  But this son shall not begat any children on earth.  Therefore, that son of thine endued with great energy, shall be childless.’

“The Vasus, making this arrangement with Ganga, went away without Waiting to the place they liked.’”


(Sambhava Parva continued)

“Vaisampayana said.  ’There was a king of the name of Pratipa, who was kind to all creatures.  He spent many years in ascetic penances at the source of the river Ganga.  The accomplished and lovely Ganga, one day, assuming the form of a beautiful female, and rising from the waters, made up to the monarch.  The celestial maiden, endued with ravishing beauty, approached the royal sage engaged in ascetic austerities, and sat upon his right thigh that was, for manly strength, a veritable Sala tree.  When the maiden of handsome face had so sat upon his lap, the monarch said unto her, ‘O amiable one, what dost thou desire?  What shall I do?’ The damsel answered, ’I desire thee, O king, for my husband!  O foremost one of the Kurus, be mine!  To refuse a woman coming of her own accord is never applauded by the wise.’  Pratipa answered, ’O thou of the fairest complexion, moved by lust, I never go in unto others’ wives or women that are not of my order.  This, indeed, is my virtuous vow.’ 

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