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been disregarded by Yadu and by Turvasu, too.  Much I have been disregarded by Drahyu and by Anu also.  By Puru alone hath my word been obeyed.  By him have I been much regarded.  Therefore, the youngest shall be my heir.  He took my decrepitude.  Indeed, Puru is my friend.  He did what was so agreeable to me.  It hath also been commanded by Sukra himself, the son of Kavi, that, that son of mine who should obey me will become king after me and bring the whole Earth under his sway.  I, therefore, beseech thee, let Puru be installed on the throne.’

“The people then said, ’True it is, O king, that, that son who is accomplished and who seeketh the good of his parents, deserveth prosperity even if he be the youngest.  Therefore, doth Puru, who hath done the good, deserve the crown.  And as Sukra himself hath commanded it, we have nothing to say to it.’

“Vaisampayana continued., ’The son of Nahusha, thus addressed by the contented people, then installed his son, Puru, on the throne.  And having bestowed his kingdom on Puru, the monarch performed the initiatory ceremonies for retiring into the woods.  And soon after he left his capital, followed by Brahmanas and ascetics.

“The sons of Yadu are known by the name of the Yadavas:  while those of Turvasu have come to be called the Yavanas.  And the sons of Drahyu are the Bhojas, while those of Anu, the Mlechchhas.  The progeny of Puru, however, are the Pauravas, amongst whom, O monarch, thou art born, in order to rule for a thousand years with thy passions under complete control.’”


(Sambhava Parva continued)

“Vaisampayana said, ’King Yayati, the son of Nahusha, having thus installed his dear son on the throne, became exceedingly happy, and entered into the woods to lead the life of a hermit.  And having lived for some time into forest in the company of Brahmanas, observing many rigid vows, eating fruits and roots, patiently bearing privations of all sorts, the monarch at last ascended to heaven.  And having ascended to heaven he lived there in bliss.  But soon, however, he was hurled down by Indra.  And it hath been heard by me, O king, that, though hurled from heaven, Yayati, without reaching the surface of the Earth, stayed in the firmament.  I have heard that some time after he again entered the region of the celestials in company with Vasuman, Ashtaka, Pratarddana, and Sivi.’

“Janamejaya said, ’I desire to hear from thee in detail why Yayati, having first obtained admission into heaven, was hurled therefrom, and why also he gained re-admittance.  Let all this, O Brahmana, be narrated by thee in the presence of these regenerate sages.  Yayati, lord of Earth, was, indeed, like the chief of the celestials.  The progenitor of the extensive race of the Kurus, he was of the splendour of the Sun.  I desire to hear in full the story of his life both in heaven and on Earth, as he was illustrious, and of world-wide celebrity and of wonderful achievements.’

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