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“And Devayani said, ’O father, virtue hath been vanquished by vice.  The low have risen, and the high have fallen.  I have been offended again by Sarmishtha, the daughter of Vrishaparvan.  Three sons have been begotten upon her by this king Yayati.  But, O father, being luckless I have got only two sons!  O son of Bhrigu, this king is renowned for his knowledge of the precepts of religion.  But, O Kavya, I tell thee that he hath deviated from the path of rectitude.’

“Sukra, hearing all this, said, ’O monarch, since thou hast made vice thy beloved pursuit, though fully acquainted with the precepts of religion, invincible decrepitude shall paralyse thee!’ Yayati answered, ’Adorable one, I was solicited by the daughter of the Danava king to fructify her season.  I did it from a sense of virtue and not from other motives.  That male person, who being solicited by a woman in her season doth not grant her wishes, is called, O Brahmana, by those conversant with the Vedas, a slayer of the embryo.  He who, solicited in secret by a woman full of desire and in season, goeth not in unto her, loseth virtue and is called by the learned a killer of the embryo, O son of Bhrigu, for these reasons, and anxious to avoid sin, I went into Sarmishtha.’  Sukra then replied, ’Thou art dependent on me.  Thou shouldst have awaited my command.  Having acted falsely in the matter of thy duty, O son of Nahusha, thou hast been guilty of the sin of theft.’

“Vaisampayana continued, ’Yayati, the son of Nahusha, thus cursed by the angry Usanas, was then divested of his youth and immediately overcome by decrepitude.  And Yayati said, ’O son of Bhrigu, I have not yet been satiated with youth or with Devayani.  Therefore, O Brahmana, be graceful unto me so that decrepitude might not touch me.’  Sukra then answered, ’I never speak an untruth.  Even now, O king, art thou attacked by decrepitude.  But if thou likest, thou art competent to transfer this thy decrepitude to another.’  Yayati said, ’O Brahmana, let it be commanded by thee that that son of mine who giveth me his youth shall enjoy my kingdom, and shall achieve both virtue and fame.’  Sukra replied, ’O son of Nahusha, thinking of me thou mayst transfer this thy decrepitude to whomsoever thou likest.  That son who shall give thee his youth shall become thy successor to the throne.  He shall also have long life, wide fame, and numerous progeny!’”


(Sambhava Parva continued)

“Vaisampayana said, ’Yayati, then, overcome with decrepitude, returned to his capital and summoning his eldest son Yadu who was also the most accomplished, addressed him thus, ’Dear child, from the curse of Kavya called also Usanas, decrepitude and wrinkles and whiteness of hair have come over me.  But I have not been gratified yet with the enjoyment of youth.  Do thou, O Yadu, take this my weakness along with my decrepitude.  I shall enjoy with thy youth.  And when a full thousand years will have elapsed, returning to thee thy youth, I shall take back my weakness with this decrepitude!’

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