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“It was Pururavas who first brought from the region of the Gandharvas the three kinds of fire (for sacrificial purpose).  And he brought thence, the Apsara Urvasi also.  And the son of Ila begat upon Urvasi six sons who were called Ayus, Dhimat, Amavasu and Dhridhayus, and Vanayus, and Satayus.  And it is said that Ayus begat four sons named Nahusha, Vriddhasarman, Rajingaya, and Anenas, on the daughter of Swarbhanu.  And, O monarch, Nahusha, of all the sons of Ayus, being gifted with great intelligence and prowess ruled his extensive kingdom virtuously.  And king Nahusha supported evenly the Pitris, the celestials, the Rishis, the Brahmanas, the Gandharvas, the Nagas, the Rakshasas, the Kshatriyas, and the Vaisyas.  And he suppressed all robber-gangs with a mighty hand.  But he made the Rishis pay tribute and carry him on their backs like bests of burden.  And, conquering the very gods by the beauty of his person, his asceticism, prowess, and energy, he ruled as if he were Indra himself.  And Nahusha begat six sons, all of sweet speech, named Yati, Yayati, Sanyati, Ayati, and Dhruva.  Yati betaking himself to asceticism became a Muni like unto Brahman himself.  Yayati became a monarch of great prowess and virtue.  He ruled the whole Earth, performed numerous sacrifices, worshipped the Pitris with great reverence, and always respected the gods.  And he brought the whole world under his sway and was never vanquished by any foe.  And the sons of Yayati were all great bowmen and resplendent with every virtue.  And, O king, they were begotten upon (his two wives) Devayani and Sarmishtha.  And of Devayani were born Yadu and Turvasu, and of Sarmishtha were born Drahyu, Anu, and Puru.  And, O king, having virtuously ruled his subjects for a long time, Yayati was attacked with a hideous decrepitude destroying his personal beauty.  And attacked by decrepitude, the monarch then spoke, O Bharata, unto his sons Yadu and Puru and Turvasu and Drahyu and Anu these words, ’Ye dear sons, I wish to be a young man and to gratify my appetites in the company of young women.  Do you help me therein.’  To him his eldest son born of Devayani then said, ‘What needest thou, O king?  Dost thou want to have your youth?’ Yayati then told him, ’Accept thou my decrepitude, O son!  With thy youth I would enjoy myself.  During the time of a great sacrifice I have been cursed by the Muni Usanas (Sukra).  O son, I would enjoy myself with your youth.  Take any of you this my decrepitude and with my body rule ye my kingdom.  I would enjoy myself with a renovated body.  Therefore, ye my sons, take ye my decrepitude.’  But none of his sons accepted his decrepitude.  Then his youngest son Puru said unto him, ’O king, enjoy thyself thou once again with a renovated body and returned youth!  I shall take thy decrepitude and at thy command rule thy kingdom.’  Thus addressed, the royal sage, by virtue of his ascetic power then transferred his own decrepitude unto that high-souled son of his and with the youth of Puru became a youth; while with the monarch’s age Puru ruled his kingdom.

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