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And a portion of Sri herself became incarnate on earth, for the gratification of Narayana, in the line of Bhishmaka.  And she was by name the chaste Rukmini.  And the faultless Draupadi, slender-waisted like the wasp, was born of a portion of Sachi (the queen of the celestials), in the line of Drupada.  And she was neither low nor tall in stature.  And she was of the fragrance of the blue lotus, of eyes large as lotus-petals, of thighs fair and round, of dense masses of black curly hair.  And endued with every auspicious feature and of complexion like that of the emerald, she became the charmer of the hearts of five foremost of men.  And the two goddesses Siddhi and Dhriti became the mothers of those five, and were called Kunti and Madri.  And she who was Mati became the daughter (Gandhari) of Suvala.

“Thus, O king, have I recited to thee all about the incarnation, according to their respective portions, of the gods, the Asuras, the Gandharvas, the Apsaras, and of the Rakshasas.  They who were born on earth as monarchs invincible in battle, those high-souled ones who were born in the wide extended line of the Yadus, they who were born as mighty monarchs in other lines, they who were born as Brahmanas and Kshatriyas and Vaisyas, have all been recited by me duly.  And this account of the incarnation (of superior beings according to their respective portions) capable of bestowing wealth, fame, offspring, long life, and success, should always be listened to in a proper frame of mind.  And having listened to this account of incarnation, according to their portions, of gods, Gandharvas, and Rakshasas, the hearer becoming acquainted with the creation, preservation, and destruction of the universe and acquiring wisdom, is never cast down even under the most engrossing sorrows.’”


(Sambhava Parva continued)

“Janamejaya said, ’O Brahmana, I have, indeed, heard from thee this account of the incarnation, according to their portions, of the gods, the Danavas, the Rakshasas, and also of the Gandharvas and the Apsaras.  I however, again desire to hear of the dynasty of the Kurus from the very beginning.  Therefore, O Brahmana, speak of this in the presence of all these regenerate Rishis.’

“Vaisampayana said, ’O exalted one of Bharata’s race, the founder of the Paurava line was Dushmanta gifted with great energy.  And he was the protector of the earth bounded by the four seas.  And that king had full sway over four quarters of this world.  And he was the lord also of various regions in the midst of the sea.  And that great oppressor of all foes had sway over the countries even of the Mlechchhas.

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