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And thus, O bull of the Bharata race, the earth, to the very coasts of the ocean, became filled with men that were all long-lived.  The Kshatriyas performed great sacrifices bestowing much wealth.  And the Brahmanas also all studied the Vedas with their branches and the Upanishads.  And, O king, no Brahmana in those days ever sold the Vedas (i.e., taught for money) or ever read aloud the Vedas in the presence of a Sudra.  The Vaisyas, with the help of bullocks, caused the earth to be tilled.  And they never yoked the cattle themselves.  And they fed with care all cattle that were lean.  And men never milked kine as long as the calves drank only the milk of their dams (without having taken to grass or any other food).  And no merchant in those days ever sold his articles by false scales.  And, O tiger among men, all persons, holding to the ways of virtue, did everything with eyes set upon virtue.  And, O monarch, all the orders were mindful of their own respective duties.  Thus, O tiger among men, virtue in those days never sustained any diminution.  And, O bull of the Bharata race, both kine and women gave birth to their offspring at the proper time.  And trees bore flowers and fruit duly according to the seasons.  And thus, O king, the krita age having then duly set in, the whole earth was filled with numerous creatures.

“And, O bull of the Bharata race, when such was the blessed state of the terrestrial world, the Asuras, O lord of men, began to be born in kingly lines.  And the sons of Diti (Daityas) being repeatedly defeated in war by the sons of Aditi (celestials) and deprived also of sovereignty and heaven, began to be incarnated on the earth.  And, O king, the Asuras being possessed of great powers, and desirous of sovereignty began to be born on earth amongst various creatures, such as kine, horses, asses, camels, buffaloes, among creatures such as Rakshasas and others, and among elephants and deer.  And, O protector of the earth, owing to those already born and to those that were being born, the earth became incapable of supporting herself.  And amongst the sons of Diti and of Danu, cast out of heaven, some were born on the earth as kings of great pride and insolence.  Possessed of great energy, they covered the earth in various shapes.  Capable of oppressing all foes, they filled the earth having the ocean for its boundaries.  And by their strength they began to oppress Brahmanas and Kshatriyas and Vaisyas and Sudras and all other creatures also.  Terrifying and killing all creatures, they traversed the earth, O king, in bands of hundreds and thousands.  Devoid of truth and virtue, proud of their strength, and intoxicated with (the wine of) insolence, they even insulted the great Rishis in their hermitages.

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