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of the White hill.  And I saw four of his counsellors also, decked with white wreaths and unguents, ascending the summit of that hill along with him.  All this bodeth that these alone will be saved from the impending terror.  The whole earth with its oceans and seas will be enveloped with Rama’s arrows.  O lady, thy husband will fill the whole earth with his fame.  I also saw Lakshmana, consuming all directions (with his arrows) and ascending on a heap of bones and drinking thereon honey and rice boiled in milk.  And thou, O lady, hast been beheld by me running towards a northernly direction, weeping and covered with blood and protected by a tiger!  And, O princess of Videha, soon wilt thou find happiness, being united, O Sita, with thy lord, that descendant of Raghu accompanied by his brother!’ Hearing these words of Trijata, that girl with eyes like those of a young gazelle, once more began to entertain hopes of a union with her lord.  And when at last those fierce and cruel Pisacha guards came back, they saw her sitting with Trijata as before.”


“Markandeya said, ’And while the chaste Sita was dwelling there afflicted with melancholy and grief on account of her lord, attired in mean garb, with but a single jewel (on the marital thread on her wrist), and incessantly weeping, seated on a stone, and waited upon by Rakshasa women, Ravana, afflicted by the shafts of the god of desire, came to her and approached her presence.  And inflamed by desire, that conquerer in battle of the gods, the Danavas, the Gandharvas, the Yakshas, and the Kimpurushas, attired in celestial robes and possessing handsome features, decked with jewelled earrings and wearing a beautiful garland and crown, entered the Asoka woods, like an embodiment of the vernal season.  And dressed with care, Ravana looked like the Kalpa tree in Indra’s garden.  But though adorned with every embellishment, that inspired her only with awe, like a beautified banian in the midst of a cemetery.  And that night wanderer, having approached the presence of that slender-waisted lady, looked like the planet Saturn in the presence of Rohini.  And smitten with the shafts of the god of the flowery emblem he accosted that fair-hipped lady then affrighted like a helpless doe, and told her these words, ’Thou hast, O Sita, shown thy regard for thy lord too much!  O thou of delicate limbs, be merciful unto me.  Let thy person be embellished now (by these maids in waiting).  O excellent lady, accept me as thy lord!  And, O thou of the most beautiful complexion, attired in costly robes and ornaments, take thou the first place among all the women of my household.  Many are the daughters of the celestials and also the Gandharvas that I possess!  I am lord also of many Danava and Daitya ladies!  One hundred and forty millions of Pisachas, twice as many man-eating Rakshasa of terrible deed, and thrice as many Yaksha do my bidding!  Some of these are under the sway

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