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“Meanwhile Bhima and Arjuna, learning the enemy was full two miles ahead of them urged their horses to greater speed in pursuit of him.  And the mighty Arjuna performed a wonderful deed, killing the horse of Jayadratha although they were full two miles ahead of them.  Armed with celestial weapons undaunted by difficulties he achieved this difficult feat with arrows inspired with Mantras.  And then the two warriors, Bhima and Arjuna, rushed towards the terrified king of Sindhu whose horses had been slain and who was alone and perplexed in mind.  And the latter was greatly grieved on seeing his steeds slain.  And beholding Dhananjaya do such a daring deed, and intent on running away, he followed the same forest track by which he had come.  And Falguna, seeing the Saindhava chief so active in his fright, overtook him and addressed him saying, ’Possessed of so little manliness, how couldst thou dare to take away a lady by force?  Turn round, O prince; it is not meet that thou shouldst run away!  How canst thou act so, leaving thy followers in the midst of thy foes?’ Although addressed by the sons of Pritha thus, the monarch of Sindhu did not even once turn round.  And then bidding him to what he chose the mighty Bhima overtook him in an instant, but the kind Arjuna entreated him not to kill that wretch.”


Vaisampayana said, “Jayadratha flying for his life upon beholding those two brothers with upraised arms, was sorely grieved and bolted off with speed and coolness.  But the mighty and indignant Bhimasena, descending from his chariot, ran after him thus fleeing, and seized him by the hair of his head.  And holding him high up in the air, Bhima thrust him on the ground with violence.  And seizing the prince by the head, he knocked him about.  And when the wretch recovered consciousness, he groaned aloud and wanted to get up on his legs.  But that hero endued with mighty arms kicked him on the head.  And Bhima pressed him on the breast with his knees as well as with his fists.  And the prince thus belaboured, soon became insensible.  Then Falguna dissuaded the wrathful Bhimasena from inflicting further chastisement on the prince, by reminding him of what Yudhishthira had said regarding (their sister) Dussala.  But Bhima replied, saying, ’This sinful wretch hath done a cruel injury to Krishna, who never can bear such treatment.  He, therefore, deserveth to die at hands!  But what can I do?  The king is always overflowing with mercy, and thou, too, art constantly putting obstacles in my way from a childish sense of virtue!’ Having said these words, Vrikodara, with his crescent-shaped arrow, shaved the hair of the prince’s head, heaving five tufts in as many places.  Jayadratha uttered not a word at this.  Then Vrikodara, addressing the foe said, ’If thou wishest to live, listen to me.  O fool!  I shall tell thee the means to attain that wish!  In public assemblies and in open courts

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