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“O king, having been thus addressed by Karna, Dhritarashtra’s son summoned the priest, and spake unto him these words, ’Do thou duly and in proper order celebrate for me that best of sacrifices, the Rajasuya furnished with excellent Dakshinas.’  Thus accosted, that best of Brahmanas spake unto the king, saying, ’O foremost of the Kauravas, while Yudhishthira is living, that best of sacrifices cannot be performed in thy family, O Prince of kings!  Further, O monarch, thy father Dhritarashtra, endued with long life, liveth.  For this reason also, O best of kings, this sacrifice cannot be undertaken by thee.  There is, O lord, another great sacrifice, resembling the Rajasuya.  Do thou, O foremost of kings, celebrate that sacrifice.  Listen to these words of mine.  All these rulers of the earth, who have, O king, become tributary to thee, will pay thee tribute in gold, both pure and impure.  Of that gold, do thou, O best of monarchs, now make the (sacrificial) plough, and do thou, O Bharata, plough the sacrificial compound with it.  At that spot, let there commence, O foremost of kings, with due rites, and without any disturbance the sacrifice, sanctified with mantras abounding in edibles.  The name of that sacrifice worthy of virtuous persons, is Vaishnava.  No person save the ancient Vishnu hath performed it before.  This mighty sacrifice vies with that best of sacrifices—­the Rajasuya itself.  And, further, it liketh us—­and it is also for thy welfare (to celebrate it).  And, moreover, it is capable of being celebrated without any disturbance. (By undertaking this), thy desire will be fufilled.’

“Having been thus addressed by those Brahmanas, Dhritarashtra’s son, the king, spake these words to Karna, his brothers and the son of Suvala, ’Beyond doubt, the words of the Brahmanas are entirely liked by me.  If they are relished by you also, express it without delay.’  Thus appealed, they all said unto the king, ‘So be it.’  Then the king one by one appointed persons to their respective tasks; and desired all the artisans to construct the (sacrificial) plough.  And, O best of kings, all that had been commanded to be done, was gradually executed.”


Vaisampayana continued, “Then all the artisans, the principal counsellors, and the highly wise Vidura said unto Dhritarashtra’s son, “All the preparations for the excellent sacrifice have been made, O king; and the time also hath come, O Bharata.  And the exceedingly precious golden plough hath been constructed.’  Hearing this, O monarch, that best of kings, Dhritarashtra’s son commanded that prime among sacrifices to be commenced.  Then commenced that sacrifice sanctified by mantras, and abounding in edibles, and the son of Gandhari was duly initiated according to the ordinance.  And Dhritarashtra, and the illustrious Vidura, and Bhishma, and Drona, and Kripa, and Karna, and the celebrated Gandhari experienced great delight.  And, O foremost

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