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and Karna and Sakuni, the son of Suvala, all fought with the Gandharvas, although every one of them was much wounded and mangled in the encounter.  All the Gandharvas then, desirous of slaying Karna, rushed together by hundreds and thousands towards Karna.  And those mighty warriors, desirous of slaying the Suta’s son, surrounded him on all sides, with swords and battle-axes and spears.  And some cut down the yoke of his car, and some his flagstaff, and some the shaft of his car, and some his horses, and some his charioteer.  And some cut down his umbrella and some the wooden fender round his car and some the joints of his car.  It was thus that many thousands of Gandharvas, together attacking his car, broke it into minute fragments.  And while his car was thus attacked, Karna leaped therefrom with sword and shield in hand, and mounting on Vikarna’s car, urged the steeds for saving himself.”


Vaisampayana said, “After that great warrior Karna had been routed by the Gandharvas, the whole of the Kuru army, O monarch, fled from the field in the very sight of Dhritarashtra’s son.  And beholding all his troops flying from the field of battle with their back to the foe, king Duryodhana refused to fly.  Seeing the mighty host of the Gandharvas rushing towards him, that represser of foes poured down upon them a thick shower of arrows.  The Gandharvas, however, without regarding that arrowy shower, and desirous also of slaying him, surrounded that car of his.  And by means of their arrows, they cut off into fragments the yoke, the shaft, the fenders, the flagstaff, the three-fold bamboo poles, and the principal turret of his car.  And they also slew his charioteer and horses, hacking them to pieces.  And when Duryodhana, deprived of his car, fell on the ground, the strong-armed Chitrasena rushed towards him and seized him in such a way that it seemed his life itself was taken.  And after the Kuru king had been seized, the Gandharvas, surrounding Dussasana, who was seated on his car, also took him prisoner.  And some Gandharvas seized Vivinsati and Chitrasena, and some Vinda and Anuvinda, while others seized all the ladies of royal household.  And the warriors of Duryodhana, who were routed by the Gandharvas, joining those who had fled first, approached the Pandavas (who were living in the vicinity).  And after Duryodhana had been made captive, the vehicles, the shops, the pavilions, the carriages, and the draught animals, all were made over to the Pandavas for protection.  And those soldiers said, ’The mighty-armed son of Dhritarashtra, possessed of great strength and handsome mien, is being taken away captive by the Gandharvas!  Ye sons of Pritha, follow them!  Dussasana, Durvishasa, Durmukha, and Durjaya, are all being led away as captives in chains by the Gandharvas, as also all the ladies of the royal household!’

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