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“Markandeya continued, ’On hearing her speech, Indra was grieved and deeply thought within himself, ’There is no husband for this lady, answering to her own description.’  And that god adorned with sun-like effulgence, then perceived the Sun rising on the Udaya hill,[71] and the great Soma (Moon) gliding into the Sun.  It being the time of the new Moon, he of a hundred sacrifices, at the Raudra[72] moment, observed the gods and Asuras fighting on the Sunrise hill.  And he saw that the morning twilight was tinged with red clouds.  And he also saw that the abode of Varuna had become blood-red.  And he also observed Agni conveying oblations offered with various hymns by Bhrigu, Angiras, and others and entering the disc of the Sun.  And he further saw the twenty four Parvas adorning the Sun, and the terrible Soma also present in the Sun under such surroundings.  And observing this union of the Sun and the Moon and that fearful conjunction of theirs, Sakra thought within himself, This terrific conjunction of the Sun and the Moon forebodeth a fearful battle on the morrow.  And the river Sindhu (Indus) too is flowing with a current of fresh blood and the jackals with fiery laces are crying to the Sun.  This great conjunction is fearful and full of energy.  This union of the Moon (Soma) with the Sun and Agni is very wonderful.  And if Soma giveth birth to a son now, that son may become the husband of this lady.  And Agni also hath similar surroundings now, and he too is a god.  If the two begetteth a son, that son, may become the husband of this lady.’  With these thoughts that illustrious celestial repaired to the regions of Brahma, taking Devasena[73] with him.  And saluting the Grandsire he said unto him, ‘Do thou fix a renowned warrior as husband of this lady.’  Brahma replied, ’O slayer of Asuras, it shall be; as thou hast intended.  The issue of that union will be mighty and powerful accordingly.  That powerful being will be the husband of this lady and the joint leader of thy forces with thee.’  Thus addressed, the lord of the celestials and the lady bowed unto him and then repaired to the place where those great Brahmanas, the powerful celestial Rishis, Vasistha and others, lived.  And with Indra at their head, the other gods also, desirous of drinking the Soma beverage, repaired to the sacrifices of those Rishis to receive their respective shares of the offerings.  Having duly performed the ceremonies with the bright blazing fire, those great-minded persons offered oblations to the celestials.  And the Adbhuta fire, that carrier of oblations, was invited with mantras.  And coming out of the solar disc, that lordly fire duly repaired thither, restraining speech.  And, O chief of Bharata’s race, that fire entering the sacrificial fire that had been ignited and into which various offerings were made by the Rishis with recitations of hymns, took them with him and made them over to the dwellers of heaven.  And while returning from that place, he observed the wives of those high-souled

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