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     Ah, but now,
Now am I given love’s eternal secret! 
Yea, thou and I who speak, are but the joy
Of our for ever mated spirits; but now
The wisdom of my gladness even through Spirit
Looks, divinely elate.  Who hath for joy
Our Spirits?  Who hath imagined them
Round him in fashion’d radiance of desire,
As into light of these exulting bodies
Flaming Spirit is uttered?

     Yea, here the end
Of love’s astonishment!  Now know we Spirit,
And Who, for ease of joy, contriveth Spirit. 
Now all life’s loveliness and power we have
Dissolved in this one moment, and our burning
Carries all shining upward, till in us
Life is not life, but the desire of God,
Himself desiring and himself accepting. 
Now what was prophecy in us is made
Fulfilment:  we are the hour and we are the joy,
We in our marvellousness of single knowledge,
Of Spirit breaking down the room of fate
And drawing into his light the greeting fire
Of God,—­God known in ecstasy of love
Wedding himself to utterance of himself.



Come up, dear chosen morning, come,
Blessing the air with light,
And bid the sky repent of being dark: 
Let all the spaces round the world be white,
And give the earth her green again. 
Into new hours of beautiful delight,
Out of the shadow where she has lain,
Bring the earth awake for glee,
Shining with dews as fresh and clear
As my beloved’s voice upon the air. 
For now, O morning chosen of all days, on thee
A wondrous duty lies: 
There was an evening that did loveliness foretell;
Thence upon thee, O chosen morn, it fell
To fashion into perfect destiny
The radiant prophecy. 
For in an evening of young moon, that went
Filling the moist air with a rosy fire,
I and my beloved knew our love;
And knew that thou, O morning, wouldst arise
To give us knowledge of achieved desire. 
For, standing stricken with astonishment,
Half terrified in the delight,
Even as the moon did into clear air move
And made a golden light,
Lo there, croucht up against it, a dark hill,
A monstrous back of earth, a spine
Of hunched rock, furred with great growth of pine,
Lay like a beast, snout in its paws, asleep;
Yet in its sleeping seemed it miserable,
As though strong fear must always keep
Hold of its heart, and drive its blood in dream. 
Yea, for to our new love, did it not seem,
That dark and quiet length of hill,
The sleeping grief of the world?—­Out of it we
Had like imaginations stept to be
Beauty and golden wonder; and for the lovely fear
Of coming perfect joy, had changed
The terror that dreamt there! 
And now the golden moon had turned
To shining white, white as our souls that burned

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