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I take THE GREAT ROUND WORLD, and like it very much.  In your last number you spoke of “Singing Mice.”  Can you tell me, where can they be got?  If they can be bought, where and how much?

Yours truly,


Singing mice are very rare; but we have been to the store where we get our lizards, and tadpoles, and goldfish, and the man who keeps it has promised to see if he can hear of one.  If he is fortunate enough to find such a mouse he is to let us know, and if you send us your address we will tell you how much he wants for it, and where you can see it.



A number of us girls have formed a society named The Daffodil Reading Circle, of which I am the president.  We meet at the different girls’ houses every week.  I subscribe for THE GREAT ROUND WORLD.  It is one of the principal things we read, and we all enjoy it very much.  We were very much interested in the article about the cuttlefish or octopus found on the coast of Florida, in Number 16.  I am surprised to hear to-day that it has been examined by some scientific men, who say that it is not an octopus at all, but only the head of a deformed whale.  I am very anxious to hear what the truth is about it.

                      Your interested reader,
                                        FLORENCE C.R.

JERSEY CITY, N.J., March 20, 1897.


We have written to the Smithsonian Institution about the cuttlefish.  The reply has not reached us in time for this number, but next week we hope to be able to tell you what the scientific men have decided about it.  That the monster found was the head of a whale was only the opinion of some of the gentlemen who examined it.  We believe that no absolute decision was arrived at.


We were very much pleased to get an account of a gold mine published in a recent number, for we want our boys and girls to write letters describing the different industries of the United States.  A number of New York boys a few days since went to Waterbury, Conn., and visited various factories; we publish two of their letters, and hope that we may receive similar letters from boys and girls in different parts of the country.  In almost every town there is something which can be written about.


On Thursday last the three upper classes visited Waterbury, Conn., to inspect some of the numerous industries for which the town is so famous, and returned Friday night, filled with great thoughts of the wonders of Yankee inventive genius.

While there we had the good fortune to be admitted to a pin-factory, an iron-foundry, a watch-factory, and the most extensive brass-works in the world.

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