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From long habit they know the subjects that are of interest to Her Majesty, and these they carefully outline with a blue pencil.

It has always been the custom for one of the Princesses, the Queen’s daughters, to read these items to her.

No clippings are sent to the Queen; the papers are marked and sent to her as they are.

Her Majesty really has a Great Round World made for herself every day, for the secretaries are like your Editor—­they do their best to call the Sovereign’s attention only to such matters as are really important and true.


    To Ernest K., Lakewood, N.J.

DEAR ERNEST:—­We were very pleased to receive your letter, but we will not publish it, because we think you could write us a much better one, that would be well worth putting in our paper.

Won’t you tell us something about golf, or what you see when you go out riding?  We think you could write a very interesting letter on either of these subjects.


    Sydney G., Baltimore, and A.V.N.  Myers, Cornwall-on-Hudson:

Thank you for your kind letter.  We are glad you find THE GREAT ROUND WORLD interesting.



I have had only two of your papers.  I like them very much.  I am going to save them and have them bound.  It is so muddy here, and it was muddier last week; the mud was half a foot deep.  There is a man that runs a dray-wagon here, and he has two little mules.  He whips them almost to death.

    A little while ago a poor dog went by with a tin can tied to his
    tail; the boys that did this filled it full of dirt, and the
    poor dog was half scared to death.

    Perhaps I ought not to be so familiar, as this is the first
    letter I have written to you.

Our neighbors are nice people.  They have a little pug dog.  There was a black cat in the yard, and the dog ran after it.  It seemed as if the cat was crazy.  It dragged its hind legs behind it, and pulled them with its front legs, and crawled under the barn before the dog got to it.

I guess I will close now.

Your loving friend,

                                            GRAY F.
    WAYNE, NEBR., March, 1897.


We enjoyed your letter very much; it is very bright and interesting.

When we read it we said, Master Gray has gone off with his pen and paper all by himself to write to us, and that pleased us very much, because we want all our boys and girls to talk to us in their letters just as if they were speaking to us.

You seem to be a friend of dumb animals.  Read Little Friend’s letter to us, in No. 19, page 498.  Would you not like to form a Band of Mercy to help your animal friends?  Think of that poor cat, who was probably half-dead with fright, and the doggie with the can tied to his tail.  Would you not like to know just how to help these poor little kindly things, who cannot help themselves?  EDITOR.

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