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What rascals your post-chaise people must be!  They have been paid every thing.  Captain Parker has one receipt for seven pounds odd, and I am sure that every thing is paid; therefore, do not pay a farthing.  The cart-chaise I paid at Dartford.

You need not fear all the women in this world; for all others, except yourself, are pests to me.  I know but one; for, who can be like my Emma?  I am confident, you will do nothing which can hurt my feelings; and I will die by torture, sooner than do any thing which could offend you.

Give ten thousand kisses to my dear Horatia.

Yesterday, the subject turned on the cow-pox.  A gentleman declared, that his child was inoculated with the cow-pox; and afterwards remained in a house where a child had the small-pox the natural way, and did not catch it.  Therefore, here was a full trial with the cow-pox.  The child is only feverish for two days; and only a slight inflammation of the arm takes place, instead of being all over scabs.  But, do you what you please!

I did not get your newspapers; therefore, do not know what promise you allude to:  but this I know, I have none made me.

The extension of the patent of peerage is going on; but the wording of my brother’s note, they have wrote for a meaning to.  The patent must be a new creation.  First, to my father, if he outlives me; then to William, and his sons; then to Mrs. Bolton, and her sons; and Mrs. Matcham, and her’s.  Farther than that, I care not; it is far enough.  But it may never get to any of them; for the old patent may extend by issue male of my own carcase:  I am not so very old; and may marry again, a wife more suitable to my genius.

I like the Morning Chronicle.

Ever, for ever, your’s, only your,


Best regards to Mrs. Nelson, the Duke, and Lord William.

I have totally failed for poor Madame Brueys.

Bonaparte’s wife is one of Martinique, and some plan is supposed to be carried on.


  Sheerness, August 11th, 1801.


I came from Harwich yesterday noon; not having set my foot on shore, although the Volunteers, &c. were drawn up to receive me, and the people ready to draw the carriage.

Parker had very near got all the honours; but I want none, but what my dear Emma confers.  You have sense to discriminate whether they are deserved or no.

I came on shore; for my business lays with the Admiral, who lives in a ship hauled on shore, and the Commisioner.  Slept at Coffin’s:  and, having done all that I can, am off for the Downs; to-day, if possible.

As far as September 14th, I am at the Admiralty’s disposal; but, if Mr. Buonaparte do not chuse to send his miscreants before that time, my health will not bear me through equinoctial gales.

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